Inpeacemedia Concepts: Designing Aesthetic Exhibition Booths for Brand and Business Promotion

Uttamprakash Jalndra,  CEOMarketing has branched out to cater to the changing preferences and habits of consumers. Line marketing platforms such as print, television, and radio have been left behind by exhibitions, brand activations, and promotions. Tradeshows and exhibitions are platforms for companies to showcase their products to the target audience, particularly in the B2B business. Exhibitions attract businessmen, experts, and professionals under one roof. Exhibitors need to concentrate on attracting and retaining customer attention and booth design is a key factor in bringing in customers. Booth design is highly important since it speaks volumes about the business at the very first look. Many a time the first impression becomes the deciding factor in clinching a business deal. Anexhibition booth provides the best possible visibility to the products and investing in the brand is the single most important investment for a business.

Factors such as the graphics displaying the product, attractively designed stalls with added props, appropriate lighting, pleasing background music, and the use of technology to showcase ingenuity create the required impact and help promote the brand amongst the target group. An exhibition normally attracts the participation of several companies, many of whom may be promoting similar products. Exhibition booths have to be well designed and it is extremely important to retain the services of experienced stall designers since the participants themselves may not have the time to concentrate on booth design and installation. Inpeacemedia Concepts is a company that specializes in the design and fabrication of exhibition booths. The company provides end-to-end stall related services and also undertakes turnkey projects.

Enterprising Leadership
Uttamprakash Jalndra, the founder of Peacemedia, is a post-graduate in business management (MBA) from IMI University, Belgium. He has rich experience in handling multi-level projects in advertising, design building and is considered an expert in the field. He has worked with major companies such as Asian Paints, Adani Group, and Unilever. Uttamprakash is well-versed in new business development, advertising and developing marketing strategies. He has successfully managed several events and exhibitions with all of them receiving excellent feedback. Hislayout utilization technique is considered a pioneering work. Uttamprakash Jalndra is currently the managing director of Inpeacemedia and is responsible for the operations of the company and reviewing the company’s systems pan India. He has, with his talent and vision, lead the company from a startup stage to a worldclass organization. He has converted Inpeacemedia into a fully professional, people-oriented, process-driven, and systematically managed company.

From a Startup to a World-Class Organization
Inpeacemedia Concepts Pvt.Ltd began its journey, in 2009, as Peacemedia, a non-corporate entity. The company was founded by Uttamprakash Jalndra who planned to make it a one-stop solution provider for all point-of contact requirements of corporates. Initially, Peacemedia undertook stall fabrication in New Delhi. Later the firm expanded its services to Noida, Mumbai, and Bangalore. In 2021, Peacemedia was registered as a private limited company under the name In Peacemedia Concepts Private Limited with its headquarters in Mumbai. Inpeacemedia Concepts is now a one-stop exhibition service provider. The company undertakes stall designing, fabrication, branding, and signage. In
Peacemedia also provides advice on developing and building impressive stalls. The company can turn an exhibition stall into a mini-brand temple. In Peacemedia offers different types of stalls modular exhibition stalls, multiple stalls, octonum stalls, and prefabricated exhibition stalls. The newly formed company recorded sales of Rs.5.00 million within a short period of six months of its incorporation.

With more than 15 years of experience, the company is now a full-fledged exhibition booth service provider. The services of InPeacemedia include stall designing, stall fabrication, and booth branding. The stalls of Nesco, BKC MMRDA, at Pragati Maidan, WTC at Mumbai, India Expo Mart at Greater Noida, BIEC at Bangalore, HITEX at Hyderabad, CTC at Chennai, HEC in Gujarat, CIAL in Kerala, and GUCEC in Gandhinagar, Gujarat are examples of the accomplishments of InPeacemedia Concepts. Quality and flexibility are the hallmarks of the company’s service. The company provides end-to-end service from conceptualization to logistics to installation. Inpeacemedia also provides turnkey solutions for all these services. The company ensures that clients get the best stall design, fabrication, trade shows, and brand activation. In India, the company has its presence in more than six states and is ably supported by four manufacturing units and five printing studios. It has associated itself with marketing associates in Germany and Dubai to develop its overseas markets.

India is a fast-growing economy with a huge potential for business development. On average, nearly 745 exhibitions and trade shows, with each event occupying nearly 10000 sq mts., are conducted every year. The focus is mainly on B2-B transactions. The company pays special attention to businesses in India. Exhibitions are the major trend for business expansion and InPeacemedia plays a vital role in the development of both Indian and international businesses.

Better Quality through Self-Reliance
Inpeacemedia Concepts manages all the works associated with its business, such as fabrication and printing, inhouse. The company even runs an industrial training center named “Jalndra Institute of Industrial Training Centre” at Papurana, Rajasthan, where its team of carpenters is trained. The training institute is equipped with the latest machines and managed by experienced designers and marketing experts. The company has in-house fabrication and printing facilities. The company’s warehouse is equipped with ERP and CRM technologies which enable prompt delivery of the manufactured products. InPeacemedia has a well-qualified team with a deep understanding of the market. They are well equipped to handle both direct and turnkey sale solutions. The services and results provided by InPeacemedia give the clients the feeling that the money spent by them is more of an investment than an expenditure.

Client-centric Approach
InPeacemedia Concepts has worked with major clients such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Philips, Usha, Adani Wilmar, Cadbury, Weikfield, J L Morison, Amigo, FiberFox, ClayCraftGenex Pharma, CNERGEE, Arihant Firestone and several others. The company has worked with more than 339 clients, won nearly 200 awards and the area covered by its stalls exceeds 960000 Sq. m. The company has worked with several segments of the economy. Its portfolio includes automation, pharma, textiles, garments, personal care, packaging, light and solar, home and living, food and beverage, fire safety, broadcasting, and several others. The company has a repeat clientele of more than 600 every year. InPeacemedia Concepts gives maximum importance to time schedules and cost. The company provides well-planned, and efficient exhibition services at affordable prices and within the client’s budget. The advantage of affordability provided to clients is the unique selling proposition of the company.

InPeacemedia Concepts prioritizes long-term values and stable development with sustainability. The company plans to invest in developing markets while keeping its existing customers satisfied. It proposes to standardize its products for repeat businesses and offer greater incentives such as flexible payment options and customized offerings, thereby making its services all the more affordable. While the company is endeavoring to attract new business, its priority is to retain the existing clientele.

Committed to Increasing Ease of doing Business
The mission of InPeacemedia Concepts is to make marketing less complex while allowing organizations to concentrate on sales. The company’s vision is to make participation in exhibitions convenient and affordable for every organization. It believes that marketing and advertising should not put an undue financial strain on companies.

The Road Ahead
InPeacemedia Concepts plans to explore new avenues, expand its services and solutions, and create a positive impact on different businesses. Scaling up business, through structuring and automating repeatable processes, is a priority for the company. The company intends to maximize the value of its services by offering incentives such as EMI-based facilities. InPeacemedia Concepts plans to improve its brand image and long-term relations, at system and company levels, through sustainable development.