Indgeos Geospatial Technologies: Forging the Geospatial Frontier through Precision Mapping Excellence

Srinivas Mandali&  Ramanjanelu Peteti,  Co-FoundersThe GIS industry in India is undergoing a significant evolution driven by a trifecta of factors. According to IMARC Group, the Geographic Information System (GIS) market in India is expected to grow to $1,122.8 million by 2028. Government investments in digital infrastructure, particularly for real-time planning and emergency response, have spurred demand for geospatial solutions. Concurrently, AI-driven agricultural initiatives have given rise to a thriving market for GIS services, crucial for precise crop monitoring and insurance programs. Located in Gurugram, Indgeos Geospatial Technologies has emerged as a trailblazer in the Indian geospatial industry, fuelled by a visionary approach and a commitment to excellence. Evolving from a small team of passionate geospatial enthusiasts, the firm now boasts a remarkable 95 percent project success rate, showcasing its dedication to continuous innovation and a deep understanding of its clients' diverse requirements.

"At Indgeos Geospatial Technologies, our core mission revolves around three pivotal solutions that seamlessly intertwine to shape a comprehensive geospatial ecosystem. Through our governance services, we offer an extensive range of data and software solutions, laying the foundation for informed decision-making. Delving into mobility, our focus extends to location based services and cutting-edge 5G planning, creating a dynamic framework for the future. Additionally, our expansive database acts as a reservoir, allowing us to tailor solutions for diverse sectors, including transportation and revenue”, speaks Avinash Reddy.

Engagements across Government & Private Sectors

The firm’s engagement in diverse sectors reflects a strategic approach that sets it
sets it apart. In the government sphere, Indgeos Geospatial Technologies secures assignments from various states by customizing products, integrating standard components, and participating in tenders. The firm’s reputation for excellence has even attracted attention from international governments, such as the United States, seeking its expertise in geospatial work. Simultaneously, private ventures thrive on the company’s rich media activities, leveraging two years of successful collaboration with a core team adept at understanding the nuances of the US market. Engagements span development activities, presentations, and profile customization, contributing to a growing demand for its products, evident in the increasing influx of customers exploring the firm’s demo logins. This dynamic approach positions the firm for continued success in both government and private sectors.

Indgeos Geospatial Technologies is a synergy of diverse talents, driven by a shared vision for pioneering advancements in technology and agriculture. The fusion of expertise, especially in AI, has propelled the firm into the realm of understanding crop patterns and optimizing agricultural processes. “With a deep commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, we harness cutting-edge solutions, utilizing AI for agricultural insights and employing sophisticated technology for market setup and logistics, particularly in mobility and location-based optimization. Our focus extends beyond mainstream applications, as we delve into niche areas like routing based on trucks or buses. Operating as a B2B platform, we've witnessed significant success with clients, experiencing substantial customer engagement and impacting the crucial elements of routing and pricing”, says Srinivas Mandali.

Ramanjanelu Peteti, Co-Founder

Global Expansion & Innovation

In the coming months, the firm is excited to roll out two new modules on its platform, enhancing its capabilities and ensuring continuous learning. Simultaneously, Indgeos Geospatial Technologies is extending its reach globally by establishing offices in Singapore during the upcoming financial year. While the firm is venturing into international markets, the company’s strategic focus remains on India, recognizing its status as a rapidly growing market for geospatial solutions. “With ongoing projects and a commitment to central government automation, the firm aspires to achieve a significant valuation for its company within the next year, positioning itself among the top five geospatial companies”, signs off Ramanjanelu Peteti.