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  • 10 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers - 2024

    Navigating the World through Spatial Intelligence GIS (Geographic Information System) service providers play a crucial role in today's world, facilitating various industries and sectors with their expertise in spatial data management and analysis. There are a number of fundamental aspects that underpin their importance. In today's society, they play an important role, providing essential support to a wide range of industries and sectors. Their expertise in the management and analysis of geographical data enables organisations to make informed decisions, improve efficiency and productivity, increase disaster preparedness and emergency response, as well as support sustainable development and protect the environment. "Mapping Tomorrow's World Through...

10 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Geotech Geospatial Geotech Geospatial RaviKumar Veeramani, Founder & MD With a wide range of GIS and remote sensing data services, this prominent company in the industry empowers clients to make the most of spatial and imagery data
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Atlaspoint Tech Atlaspoint Tech Dr. Suresh Chitrapu, Managing Director &, Mohithpal Kunder, Business Head The company offers comprehensive professional consulting for all aspects of engineering planning, detailing, and designing, providing complete business solutions that are based on geographic information
Cybertronics Geotech Cybertronics Geotech Akshaya Rawat, Founder Provider of cutting-edge technologies and services such as spatial data collection, data management, mapping, cartography and more and catering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes
Esri India Esri India Vijay Kumar, Senior Vice President & CTO A market leader in geospatial technology and location intelligence, that has successfully delivered cutting-edge GIS solutions, also expertise in saas, mapping, GIS training, digital twin and many more
Geosensitive Geosensitive Malcolm Afonso, Founder A premier geospatial services provider has specialized in delivering cutting-edge GIS and Drone (UAV) Remote Sensing solutions with a specific focus on the real estate sector
Gesix Solutions Gesix Solutions Srikantha M S, Co-Founder & CEO The company's focus is to provide qualitative & state-of-the-art technology solution services such as GIS, asset management, LiDAR, advanced surveying, roads & highways engineering and many more
GISKernel Technologies GISKernel Technologies Akshay Loya, Founder A GIS consulting firm, providing innovative GIS products and services to clients in the public and private sectors with a team creatively transforming businesses by using spatial solutions
Indgeos Geospatial Technologies Indgeos Geospatial Technologies Srinivas Mandali& Ramanjanelu Peteti, Co-Founders A trailblazer in the Indian geospatial industry, evolving from a small team of passionate geospatial enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of data and software solutions, laying the foundation for informed decision-making
MakeInGIS MakeInGIS Pradosha Nanda, Co-Founder The IT firm offers solutions to the geospatial & engineering industry, focusing on providing GIS contracting services to counties and municipalities for the create, update, and maintain of GIS data
Thinqaxis Technologies Thinqaxis Technologies Yaz Dan, Co-Founder & CEO The primary focus is on geospatial mapping, lidar engineering, urban planning, 3D modeling, telecom, and utility mapping, also offers field surveys, web design, and digital marketing