I.M.Possible Training Solutions: A Practical Approach to an All Round Development

Bhavin Shah, Founder

Bhavin Shah


Confucius once stated, "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand’. A practical approach to any subject always tops the mere theoretical preaching. Imbibing this rather simple but unconventional practice, I.M. Possible Training Solutions is empowering thousands of individual and corporate by unearthing their dormant potential and helping them flourish both personally and professionally. Bhavin Shah (Founder), with an experience of nine years, believes that simple presentations and talks are a thing of past. Under his leadership, Vadodara based I.M.Possible brings in practical training to the clients in various domains like leadership development, public speaking, life coaching and several more that introduces them to real time problems and arms with techniques to tackle them efficiently.

A Plethora of Services to Offer
The inception story of I.M.Possible is inspiring. Plagued by stammering problem, Bhavin underwent hard times overcoming his disability. He eventually emerged triumphant eight months after joining a company and taking charge as a team lead, he became one of the strong pillars of the company when it came to training clients. This is when he found his true calling in helping people rise
up to their personal challenges that led to the inception of I.M.Possible. The company’s highly coveted leadership development program enhances skills like team building, strategic planning, decision making and more through seminars that teach practical and valuable insights, helping participants arm themselves for real world problems.

I.M.Possible’s team undertakes an analytic program and reports to Bhavin who, according to the results,takes appropriate measures to bridge the gap between the service offered and clients, if any

Bhavin’s personal experiences laid the foundation for‘I.M.Possible Training’s Public Speaking Program’ that offers training session assisting customers build up a commanding persona on stage. Quite often, sales executives approach the organisation for understanding the knack of sales talk and a confident presentation. This one-on-one session is a highly lauded program where Bhavin alleviates their stress of achieving sales targets by offering an in-depth teaching in sales plan and acute negotiation skills. The founder proudly exclaims,“All these years, I never received a negative feedback from any of my clients”. Thanks to his unique practical approach that just discards any theoretical platform to work on.

Since the organization deals with human tendencies,it is adept in
catering to a plethora of clients of various demographics. Trained personally over 3,500 people, spanning across 300 companies, who are now effortlessly tackling their personal shortcomings, Bhavin favours crafting each course with personal touch and expertise and guides mastering presentation skills while also imparting coaching in individual career and passion planning. More over, many startups, owing to their inexperience and lack of planned methodology, today find themselves at cross-roads. I.M.Possible helps these ventures understand the nuances of setting up businesses relevant to their industry. Schools and colleges are also given an early introduction to the professional world and its shades.

I.M.Possible's team undertakes an analytic program and reports to Bhavin who, according to the results, takes appropriate measures to bridge the gap between the service offered and clients, if any.“I give 80 percent of my earning in developing the life changing motivational programs for empowering people. This has helped us deliver 600+ motivational programs and empower more than 1,25,000 individuals,” informs Bhavin. Known as the Youngest Internationally Certified Trainer by American TESOL, and recognized by NSS as Most Successful Motivational Speaker and many more, Bhavin is the youngest Most Successful CEO of India in Training Industry. In last six months, Bhavin has trained over 10,300 participants from school/college/Corporate training program, mentored over 44 startups and several more to his credit. Bhavin is raising the bar and currently focusing on expanding I.M.Possible further into Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi, Canada & U.S.