IAXN Telecom: Connects Customers Digitally at Reasonable Cost

Sunil Dangi ,Director & Head New Business

Sunil Dangi

Director & Head New Business

Due to the increasing popularity of high-speed internet and IP TV, a new phenomenon of bundling is developed by internet service providers (ISP). Bundling allows user to combine several different services such as phone (landline and/or wireless), Internetand cableTV service into one bill. ISP created bundling to encourage customers to buy all three services by allowing them to save money on each individual service. Delhi-NCR based IAXN Telecom is one such ISP that offers bundle service to corporates and individuals and helps them to connect digitally at the most reasonable cost leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.

Customized & Secured Offerings for Better Service

Officially founded in 2001, IAXN uses latest technologies such as GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network technology) to deliver gigabit speed internet connectivity to its valuable patrons for an uninterrupted internet experience. While broadband and lease lines are the usual internet services provided by almost every ISP, IAXN
has created an exclusive service offering called semi-lease lines for those who want to customize their internet service. This semi-lease line service provides an upload speed that is half of the download speed.In addition to this, IAXN telecom also provides free data storage on cloud and customized bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to 2000Mbps for particular duration (one day or even for an hour or two) based on the requirement of the clients. “We believe in providing value based services, therefore we do not provide what we have but we develop and provide most customized connectivity solutions which cater to specific needs of our customers,” claims Sunil Dangi, Director & Head of New Business, IAXN. Currently the company is successfully serving more than 500 corporates and around 5000 house-hold customers through its direct internet connectivity services.

IAXN Telecom imparts PPPoE security option, where every user is allocated a unique user ID and password

While many ISPs promise to provide subscribers with internet access, but not secure Internet access, IAXN Telecom imparts PPPoE security option where every user is allocated a unique user ID and password and if any unauthorized person tries to access the internet, an alert immediately pops-up at IAXN’s end and a SMS is sent to user. In case of any criminal activity, company
captures the user ID with the help of bandwidth management software that uses IP address and date and forwards the same to cyber cell. IAXN also provides content blocking security system along with parental blocking preventing children and employees to use/view abusive websites as well as common productivity-draining websites.

The Well-trained Ground Force

Passionate towards providing high speed connectivity services, IAXN resolves most of clients’ issues over a call and if not, the on-ground engineers visit within 30 minutes to rectify the issues. To build such an impressive workforce, IAXN empowers its associates by conducting various internal and external training on internet devices, customer support and soft skills. The company keeps launching new plans to keep customers elated.

Working with clients like Radisson Blu, Shuttl, Action Construction Equipment (ACE), Delhi Public School, NSIC, and many more, IAXN Telecom provides its efficient services to vertical like transportation, construction, education, Government and hospitality industry. With the revenue growth of 150 percent year-on-year, company is now planning to extend its services at remote areas at minimal price packages beyond its current service areas that include Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and Faridabad. Having done Wi-Fi connectivity for the famous Surajkundmela in the past, IAXN now is in talks with Municipal Corporation to launch free Wi-Fi services in public areas.