HRH Next Services: Delivering Personalized Customer Experience & Customer Lifecycle Management Services

Rahul Shah,Strategy and Operations Head

Rahul Shah

Strategy and Operations Head

The Indian technology and BPO services industry had a phenomenal expansion over the last few years, contributing massively to the country's growth. As we look ahead, the industry recognizes that the upcoming years will be fundamentally different from the past years due to current pandemic situation. The next wave of growth will require all the companies to create an ambitious vision and focus on achieving that.

Established as Hyderabad Radio House, a six-decade-old brand, HRH Next has evolved from a consumer durables across South India to a Contact Center Solution provider offering services to meet the most demanding business needs, i.e., Customer Interactions. Rahul Shah, Strategy and Operations Head, HRH Next says, "HRH Next transforms each conceivable help through OMNI channel stage into a pleased client experience. This is conducted through a 360 degree approach towards the customer requirements. From distinguishing imminent clients, sustaining existing ones to upselling and strategically pitching the items, HRH Next deals with the complete customer's life cycle. Our answers are intended to suit every necessity in the most cost-effective way and we take total possession in giving superb experience to the end client."

HRH Next offers various BPO services such as Inbound and Outbound Campaigns, Data Analytics, Toll Free Assist Services, and many more on the list. Also, HRH Next has introduced new IT Technologies to support their Work from Home employees. Certain
unique propositions differentiate HRH Next from their competitors in the industry, such as Innovative HR Practices, Low Attrition Levels, and Multi-Lingual Support as they provide services in 15 Indian Languages.

For having a superior hold on the opportunities, HRH Next trusts in including their representatives as they similarly know the frameworks that would assist them with delivering greater work (People Oriented). It gives an opportunity to interface correspondences techniques and rewards with execution and advancement of the association. When they interact with the employees in achieving goals, the company gives enthusiasm to push the procedure, they are addition-ally prepared to determine, overcome the challenges and function to the association's greatest advantage.

"The challenges that our clients usually come up with are related to summarizing the VOC (Voice of Customers) and the difficulties they face while implementing new methods. We help by providing suitable solutions through robust Data Analytics, as we understand the customer's mindset and develop action plans accordingly," adds Rahul Shah. The latest technologies that HRH Next leverage while offering services is SIP technology for telecom projects, the recent version of dialers supports their company on all Social Media Solutions. By using cutting-edge ticketing solutions, the company tracks down the journey of their customer's life cycle.

While you are busy building your brand we are busy fostering it

HRH Next has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for their quality of work and ISO 27001:2015 for their IT solutions. The firm caters their BPO services to some of the top companies in the country such as CARS24, Swiggy, V!, Aircel, BITS, Bharat Petroleum, and many more.

The organization always keeps an eye on the recent innovations and up gradations happening in the market. From the operations point of view, the business is growing in terms of volumes as they handpick the technology that will assist in the progress. Hence, the modern automated facilities that provide productivity are also adopted by HRH Next.

BPO Service segment is a field where the employees have to keep themselves familiar with the changing industry trends, in order to this HRH Next spread awareness among their employees with a saying that `Technology is the Fuel for Transformation'. They educate their employees by conducting Innovative Training Workshops and letting them know that business operates much quicker today.