Harivu Creations: A Premier Name Offering End-To-End Language Services

Shashidhara Seetharamaiah,  Director & Co-Founder,Ratheesha Rathnakara, Director & Co-Founder

Shashidhara Seetharamaiah, Director & Co-Founder

Ratheesha Rathnakara, Director & Co-Founder

With India being the sixth largest economy in the world, foreign companies are attracted to the vast opportunities that the Indian market can offer. Companies have realized that to increase the consumer base as well as to improve the consumer experience localization is the key. A recent study suggests that 500 million plus Indians will be having access to the internet in their local languages by 2021, from this we can imagine how fast the Indian language market is growing, which in turn is going to generate a lot of opportunities for Translation and Interpretation. Acknowledging the lack of reputed players operating in the Kannada language translation market, Harivu Creations was established by the team of Ratheesha Rathnakara, Shashidhara Seetharamaiah, Ramesh Rao, Hariprasad Holla and Gautham Hegde.

The company quickly understood that the ultimate goal of localization is for the look and feel of the product to be natural in the target market. "We understood the needs of the users to connect with the product and feel as though it were made for them. As far as the Kannada Language is concerned, we had very few players catering to localization needs. The right mixture of the rising need for localization, recognition of the business potential it had and the passion we had to set a new example in the localization sector paved way for the inception of our company. We believe that writing is the basic building block for any content, so we wanted to build a team of strong writers who cater to the needs of localization and that way bring a professional culture to this domain. Now, we
provide services in all the verticals of localization with the help of a pool of motivated, creative inhouse talents and a strong network of subject matter experts, writers, and linguists. To localize the World's content into the Kannada language for our clients across the globe, we are determined to leave no stone unturned at our work", says Shashidhara Seetharamaiah, Director and Co-Founder, Harivu Creations.

Owing to their domain expertise Harivu provides all services under localization, whether it be Dubbing, Translation, Subtitling, Voice Over, Interpretation, Transcription and Kannada Content Writing. Apart from this, the company also offers end-to-end project execution and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) services too. "At Harivu Creations, we believe in customer success. Through a well defined process, we ensure ontime delivery with accuracy. Our support system is always at our clients service to clarify their queries and handle the modifications. Our most unique resource is creative writers who are enabled with soft skills. We understand our client's requirements and work to meet and exceed their expectations. This way we have helped our clients to meet their objectives. We believe that for any company, productive employees and strong management is the key to offer outstanding delivery. With well trained inhouse translators and with experienced management, we form a brilliant workforce", shares Ratheesha Rathnakara, Director and Co-Founder, Harivu Creations.

Ratheesha Rathnakara, Director& Co-Founder

Backed by their team of industry experts,Harivu Creations has developed into a one stop shop for all Kannada language localization services. The company is the first of its kind to release a localized movie in the Kannada Industry and now the leading company to have inhouse Kannada translators for complete project execution. Harivu Creations now caters to almost all the industry verticals and they have created an impressive service portfolio that includes companies like Wellthy, FotonVR, SoundMap Studios, Horizon Studio, and My Lang Books to name a few. The company is planning to expand its operations and service verticals to various domains along with Kannada translation work shops, voice artist workshops, and Kannada learning sessions(classroom and online) to set new benchmarks in the Kannada language translation and localization domain.