Hamir Smart Architects: Offering Urban Planning & Architectural Design Services with a Multidisciplinary Approach

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Hamir Smart


The global economy is currently going through a fine phase after the onslaught of the Covid pandemic. Since infrastructure development is the cornerstone of social and economic growth, countries around the world are increasingly concentrating on upgrading their existing infrastructure. India too has not fallen short in this regard. Keeping in mind the pace at which India is currently growing, the government has made massive plans for infrastructure development and plans to spend $1.4 trillion on infrastructure through ‘National Infrastructure Pipeline’ in the next five years. As a result, the urban planning & design industry in India is witnessing a sharp upward curve, and there is huge demand for services in this space.

Hamir Smart Architects is one such practice that is contributing the country’s future by offering exceptional quality urban planning and design services. Headquartered in Mumbai, the practice was founded in 2007 by Hamir Smart, who belongs to a family having architectural background. Hamir has completed his Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture from University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Hamir has profound experience in the industry working with companies abroad.

Today, we are at a very interesting point in urban development. We as a country are growing, and there is still huge potential for an architect and urban planner to be part of the growth. Today, there are new opportunities in tier-II and tier-III cities. So, as an architect and urban planner, we see massive opportunities in the form of new
projects for design and planning”, says Hamir.

Focusing mainly on residential projects, institutional/commercial projects and urban planning projects, Hamir Smart Architects specializes in the areas of urban architecture, infrastructure, logistics design, auditoriums, individual residential projects, institution projects, commercial projects and large & small interior projects. Additionally, it has also been involved in a Passenger Water Transportation project for Mumbai and even done in-depth research titled ‘Interchange: An Aspect of Elevated Rail Terminal, IFBC, Mumbai’. However, what has helped the practice garner such widespread recognition is its architectural design solutions, professional approach, cost efficiency and integrity.

Practicing a multidisciplinary approach, Hamir Smart Architects treats every project with its own merit and believes that good Architectural Design is key to a project evolving and being successful

Practicing a multidisciplinary approach, Hamir Smart Architects treats every project with its own merit and believes that good architectural design is key to a project evolving and being successful. The practice understands every project’s requirements carefully and offers customized architectural design solutions to each project, thus ensuring uniqueness in its offerings. It also takes care of the complete lifecycle of the project, right from initial conceptual architectural design to final design solution, project specifications, tender, supervision of execution for architectural designs and complete handover of a project.

“We are team of architects and interior designers. With our associates from various other professions, we form a strong and unique team to offer best possible solution to each project. Our ability to have expertise in different areas makes us more desirable for clients, as this model not only offers best possible solution, but also has the team of best possible professionals working on it. Maintaining integrity and complete transparency of the process benefits clients throughout the project lifecycle, and this is why many clients have repeatedly commissioned various projects to us”, adds Hamir.

Going forward, the company is targeting new architectural & planning projects in tier-II and tier-III cities. With a view to foray into logistics planning projects, Hamir Smart Architects is studying various aspects of the space to understand it better. Currently, it is working hard to ensure its practices are all solution-based, collaborative and Architectural design-based, and aspires to work on Passenger Water Transportation and Metro Rail projects in the days to come.