Hakoona Matata: A True Partner in Language Services for Extended Support


Rasika, Founder

Choosing a language service provider which is in tandem with the level of support one needs, not only for the initial transition, but also helping to go forward, often proves to be a deal-breaker. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses that rely on content, transcription, and other language services to learn how to access the services and receive ongoing training and support, while understanding the assessment of tools to be used. Only a nuanced language service provider can offer such services that translate, train and offer support to understand language tools and provide clients with recommendations to produce better content. As such, Nagpur-headquartered company, Hakoona Matata, dedicates its expertise to become the right language service provider (LSP) and become a true partner and a stable dependable vendor who rightfully understands, assesses and provides content & language services that are based on clients’ multiple end requirements and then sorts data to provide refined insights.

Hakoona Matata is a leading LSP providing cutting-edge solutions in
Translation, Content Analysis, Localization, Transcription and Subtitling. The company’s technology-supported ways make this endeavour accurate and fast along with expert focus on transcription & translation. Moreover, in addition to translating in English, it strives hard to provide all the Indian languages as ‘Language-Pair’ which translates from Hindi to Marathi, Hindi to Tamil, and so forth. And in this line, the company is looking at expansion plans with Chinese, German and French languages soon. Marking a significant step in this, the company also works across times zones to deliver its services across to global clients.

"The technical feats achieved by Hakoona Matata are driven by its strong capability in delivering both transcription and translation simultaneously"

The Making of a Reliable Partner
Hakoona Matata extends its expertise to its clients by assessing and understanding their ‘would-be’ outputs. These include turnaround studies and providing support to few independent consultants who are great at research but sometimes feel the need of a support team to work with. As such, the company takes care of the individual client’s needs with customized scripts. These endeavours occasionally require live tracking of each audio and its whereabouts, helping clients plan better. And recently, Hakoona Matata did 9000 mins in three weeks which stands-out to be as 3000 mins each week for them to study - a feat that is considered as
the characteristic of top-notch LSPs. This feat is indeed a technological marvel which is further accentuated with transcription generation with machines to save time to ensure customized quality output. These scripts were then proofread twice to ensure the client gets unbeatable quality in less time.

These technical feats achieved by Hakoona Matata are driven by its strong capability in delivering both transcription and translation simultaneously. The company having already aced-up its transcription & translation tools is now mobilizing itself towards another feature called Content Analysis which is something very specific to Indian Market research. With lots of data sorting needed in Content Analysis, Hakoona Matata delivers better insights that have eventually resulted in having an impressive client list, including IPSOS, Nielsen, Hansa Research and Third Eye Qualitative Research.

These achievements have been made possible only with Hakoona Matata’s language experts who come from diverse backgrounds and make communications as effective as it must be. The chunk of the expertise comes from keeping the team hale and hearty. From flexible working hours to ‘Work from home’ features, Hakoona Matata’s team is not only a backbone to count on, but is also the life of the company that entwines the actual meaning of Hakoona Matata of “No Worries in its stance”, states Rasika, Founder, Hakoona Matata.