GreenDust: Rendering High-Quality, Authentic & Branded Refurbished Products at unbeatable Prices

Hitendra Chaturvedi,MD & FounderRefurbished product with ample discount and nearly brand new standard, are an eye-catcher to the gadget-addicted population of Generation Z. With the refurbished electronic goods market touching $10 billion, people are not only rejoicing the cost-effective alternative of new-fangled products but also contributing to green initiatives by recycling and reusing. Refurbished electronics are a preferable path to procure products at pocket-friendly prices, however, it can also be a cobweb if not carefully carried out. “Refurbished products had a bad reputation before we came in, and we are proud to say that we have made buying refurbished product not only a smart decision but also a cool decision,” avers Hitendra Chaturvedi (MD & Founder, GreenDust). A pioneer in refurbished products industry, the Delhi-based GreenDust is the most recognized and respected brand in the space proffering high-quality, authentic, and trademarked products at eye-popping prices to the end consumer. Established in 2008, GreenDust created a tech enabled reverse supply chain engine that solves vexing returns problems for OEMs, retailers and ecommerce, and the “by product” of this solution comes out a product that is an orphan. GreenDust then lovingly refurbishes them and finds a new
home for them in homes of value conscious customers. It is the first company to offer a one year warranty, a 50 point quality check on all refurbished products.

GreenDust exercises a proprietary technology to enable a PAN India scaling that grasps buyers who constantly eyes factory seconds, surplus, demo, damaged packaging, discontinued and overproduced items

Dawning with a ‘push’ approach among clients, the company traversed through a hard time educating customers on the value of an organized reverse supply chain process and the need for quick liquidation of rapidly depreciating returned items occupying space in warehouses and line items in balance sheets of companies. In due course, GreenDust triumphed in ascending its clients’ productivity by 10 percent, asset realization by 40 percent and customer satisfaction by more than 80 percent, all the while descending their overall supply chain costs by 25 percent.

GreenDust for Green India
India’s premier reverse supply chain company, GreenDust exercises a proprietary technology to enable a PAN India scaling that grasps buyers who constantly eyes factory seconds, surplus, demo, damaged packaging, discontinued and overproduced items. The company enhances the online shopping experiences by giving its customers an opportunity to handily shop from its physical stores while offering producers and vendors an
alternative and proper sales channel. Thanks to its vast network(over 100 franchisees across India)and a field service network(servicing its warranty across 1000 cities), GreenDust is tagged as the most trusted brand by consumers. Moreover, becoming a truly‘green' company, GreenDust enables manufacturer and retailers to act in accordance with e-waste regulations through observing the five Rs- Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Resell.

Delivering a gamut of refurbished products ranging from large and small appliances, TVs, computers, mobiles, and so on, the company employs its cutting-edge proprietary technology as a glue binding together everything from sourcing, refurbishing, data capture, sale, after sale service, to solution delivery. Its tracking mechanism mitigates the system’s leakages, identifies &rectifies the defects, and ascertains that the quality is maintained. Further, the company adheres to all the rules and regulations set by its OEM, e-commerce, or retailers.

Revolutionizing Reverse Logistics
Molding its team of 100 to be adroit in technical expertise, GreenDust conducts in-house training programs for its engineers and technicians, instructing them on new products and their fixing and also captures faulty &repaired data in its system to use as a module to embark an understanding about the defect &repair trends. Planning to use Cloud and big data to a large extent, GreenDust is readying to revolutionize reverse logistics solutions for Indian companies. “We are poised to provide a comprehensive return management solution for retailers, e-commerce, and manufacturers,” concludes Hitendra.