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Prajil Anandhan,DirectorThe quasi-serious advice ‘Don’t do business with friends or family’, till some time ago was supposed to hold the ring of truth because of the two cultures or forms of life, the world of friends and the world of business conflict. The world, however, has no shortage of friends who decided to venture together and achieved milestones. One such story is of P Joseph Tinil & Prajil Anandhan, the two friends for whom going into business was a natural decision. The idea of starting a business sparked when they were working together for, one of India’s largest platforms for local service needs across managing top verticals. But they didn’t begin immediately rather they decided to brush up their skills. In the meantime, Tinil joined Infosys BPO Ltd. as an assistant manager whereby he was handling six teams and learned on managerial skills while Prajil worked for a startup and single-handedly managed operations, leading to big success. Thus, one fine day, complementing each other on technical and managerial skills both settled to have a company of their own.

“Moving ahead with our foresighted vision and seeing
the potential of the SEO industry, we both came to the conclusion to leverage our expertise in this trending domain. Thus, Grabstance came into being,” says P Joseph Tinil, Co-Founder, Grabstance Technologies.

Attuned to great performance & quality service, Grabstance has been ranked highly on reliability & credibility scale in the world of digital marketing

Unbeatable, Tailor-made Solutions
Bangalore based Grabstance is touted to be one of the leading Internet Marketing companies. Attuned to great performance & quality service, Grabstance has been ranked highly on reliability & credibility scale in the world of digital marketing. Possessing a decade-long expertise in offering customized digital marketing services, Grabstance is committed to serve the needs of various corporate houses, small & medium enterprises, businessmen & entrepreneurs in the area of designing, web development, digital marketing services, eBusiness solutions & so on. Personifying the vision to understand the clients’ business objectives and aligning them with right strategies with right tools & technologies, Grabstance leverages to provide business solutions and add value to the clients business. The major service offering includes SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, Content Writing, Web Designing & more. “We use unique, creative & innovative
ideas to meet the clients’ business requirements and are dedicated to deliver amazing results with every effort to bring in an incremental improvement in the services,” avers Tinil.

Fortifying the philosophy of 'Think different & Do Smart', Grabstance within three months of its inception has captured the Bangalore market. Led by a four-people company, it has grown to a 14 people organization with having Samuel John, Arun, Arjun & Venkat as the core strength amongst others. It has completed 45. Moreover, the company from a shared office space has moved to its own office base and has become the “Google partner company” in just one year.

Working towards a Social Stride
Grabstance believes that passion & perseverance is the key to success. Though the company is geographically located in India, it proffers its online marketing solutions across the globe. The noteworthy clients of Grabstance include HDFC Reality, ArtistFaqs, Bajaj Motorcycles, Delyvers & so on. Emphasizing on word-of-mouth business & referrals, it today possesses 80 percent repeated client’s base. Moving ahead towards visionary purpose, Joseph concludes, “As the competition in the digital foray is trending and companies trying to make a significant presence, we at Grabstance are trying to bring in a social website. Our team members are constantly working on the R & D and via this, we want to make our presence.”