Gnet Broadband: Powering High Speed Internet Access across UP & Uttarakhand

Sangam Goel, Director

Sangam Goel


On its way to becoming a digital nation, the number of Internet users in India is expected to reach 627 million in 2019. Propelled by government initiatives and increased reliance on Internet for various services, Internet penetration has been growing exponentially in urban and rural areas alike. Unfortunately, the lack of infrastructure required to render high speed internet in smaller cities has driven the need for pertinent ISPs in smaller towns and far off places. Focusing on providing high speed Internet services in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is Gnet Broadband.

Founded in 2013, the high speed Internet connectivity provider renders services through wireless and cable modem platform to residential, SME and corporate customers.“Owing to lackof infrastructure, the internet market is still growing in smaller areas of these states, and we are focused on building upon this growing potential,” explains Sangam Goel, Director, Gnet Broadband. Rendering the highest quality of solutions, the firm intends to change the way of living in India and believes that it can make a significant contribution towards a
powerful Broadband enabled India.

High Quality & Cost Effective Internet
With the ingress of Jio in the telecom and communications industry, acute price wars have ensued in the Indian landscape. In order to compete with such large players, mid sized ISPs rely on high quality and cost effective services. Designing various Internet packages based on user requirements, Gnet Broadband offers the best price in the market. The company’s mission is to provide best quality, secure and reliable Internet services to enable a superior way to access rich information, learning and entertainment for users. Endeavouring to provide the maximum uptime, Gnet Broadband guarantees reliable high speed wireless and cable broadband internet service with upto 99.96 percent.

Endeavouring to provide the maximum uptime, Gnet Broadband guarantees reliable high speed wireless and cable broadband internet service with up to 99.96 percent

Being provided on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and FTTH (Fibre to the Home), Gnet Broadband fulfils today’s need of high speed Internet. In addition to the high speed Internet service provided through these technologies, the ISP is working towards adding services such as VPN and Lease line, among others to its roster of
services in the months to come.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
Customer experience is a critical component of the internet service industry. Having identified this, Gnet Broadband ensures absolute customer satisfaction, associate satisfaction and local services. “Our goal is to be the most trusted provider of Internet services to our customers and want to leave no stone unturned to make our customer’s experience outstanding,” adds Sangam. Supported by superior technology, all of Gnet Broadband’s services come with flawless connectivity. The firm offers a simple and dependable technology that supports at all times. Backed by constant innovations and a 24×7 customer support, Gnet Broadband’s customer support connection ensures that customers are connected to the world seamlessly.

Owing to its superlative services, the firm has won over 2,500 satisfied clients that include names such as Reliance Corporate IT Park, Barbeque Nation Hospitality, Central Bank of India, Karvy Stock Broking, Larsen & Turbo and Mahindra Educational, among others. Armed with an experienced team of experts, Gnet Broadband conducts periodic internal trainings every five weeks in order to keepthem updated with latest technologies and industry updates. Earlier an ISP license holder only for Utter Pradesh, the firm received ISP license of Uttarakhand (UP West) in 2018. Having witnessed high revenue growth in the past year, Gnet Broadband is now looking towards expanding its services in Bihar and Rajasthan in 2019.