Netsurf Internet Service: Bringing Mizoram Online

Lalthakima, Director Sales & Marketing


Director Sales & Marketing

Back in 2012, when Tata Docomo/Photon exited the North East of India, the only ISP left in the area was BSNL. Not known to be a client favourite, internet users in the North East were in dire need of an ISP that rendered high speed and reliable internet connectivity. Answering the need of the hour, Netsurf Internet Service launched its services in Mizoram and became the first ever local ISP in the area. “Although we are not as financially strong as our MNC counterparts, it is our in-depth local knowledge which gives us an upper hand and allows us to serve our clients better,” says Lalthakima, Director Sales & Marketing, Netsurf Internet Service (a branch of Zoram Business Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.). This technically strong organization was the first one to introduce fixed wireless broadband in Mizoram (using semi parabolic antenna) and the only local service provider to have an ISP VNO License. Having introduced FTTH, EPON and GPON technology within the area, Netsurf has its own IP pool, which makes it the foremost player in the Mizoram market.

Personalized Services
Since service sector business is in
its nascent stages in Mizoram, had to undergo various challenges in its initial journey. However, building on the path laid down by established ISPs, the team learned and evolved swiftly to develop a strong support team and technical expertise. Not only do the company’s employees undergo training programs at regular intervals, but they also undertake exams every year to refresh their knowledge and enhance their technical know how. Netsurf also encourages and supports its employees to take up extra course, some of which are being paid by the company.

This technically strong organization was the first one to introduce fixed wireless Broadband in Mizoram (using semi parabolic antenna) and the only local service provider to have an ISP VNO License

Building on its home advantage, Netsurf stays in close contact with its clients. While facing a problem, customers can not only call the support team, but also interact with the company owners directly. The company was also the first ISP to introduce door-to-door service for resolving issues. “Our customers were the first to receive direct problem solving through telephonic conversation as well as physical interactive meetings. This has made us stand out in the market from the very beginning,” adds

Evolving Along with Market Trends
Having started small, Netsurf has evolved and adapted to market trends in order to stay ahead in the market. Starting out with using 2.4 GHz frequency, as the client number increased, there was a drop in the network. To counter this, the firm took a drastic decision and recalled all of its material and started using Ubiquiti air grid 5 GHz to ensure high speed and uninterrupted connectivity. Gradually, Netsurf started to replace its old networking materials with state of the art equipment. For instance, the firm switched from using eight-port switch, which was designed to be used at home for distribution, with Edge switch lite 24port from Ubiquiti.

Over the years, Netsurf has been the ISP of choice for corporate clients such as Yamaha, Mahindra, Suzuki and Tata, among others. Having worked with organizations such as NIT, NABARD, NEDFI, Mizoram Board of School Education and Mizoram Scholarship Board, over 90 percent of government offices in the District work with Netsurf. The terrain of Mizoram is quite suitable for the networking topology and Netsurf covers 98 percent of the whole city of Aizawl. The firm is now working towards connecting all district capitals and other villages. Keeping-up with local and global trends, Netsuf is gearing-up to introduce VOIP, media server for sharing local video and hot spot zone soon. Looking to expand to other North Eastern states, Netsurf is on an upward growth trajectory.