Gloplax Solutions: Navigating the Complexities of Offshoring in the 'GCC Services' Space in India

Charlie Roberson, Denis McGee & Aveek Mukherjee,Co-FoundersOwing to its affordable costs, high level of talent availability, and strong industrial and educational foundations, India has become a highly desirable location for sourcing for manufacturing and services requirements globally for businesses. The global sourcing industry in the ‘services space’ has seen an exponential growth in the past couple of years. The sector has emerged from a ‘capacity provider’ to a ‘value creator’ for multinational companies.

This has led to a significant rise of opportunity for ‘enablers’ in the offshoring space, a space that has been supported by management consultants. Gloplax’s proposition is aimed at enabling small and medium size companies leverage this services sector, which until recently has been understood as a ‘play’ for large organizations, Gloplax’s proposition is also aimed at enabling small and medium companies to leverage the ‘GCC advantage'.

Gloplax’s digital ecosystem, comprising of technology-enabled tools, pre-assessed vendors data and insights, frameworks, SMEs, helps reduce time to market and streamline the global sourcing lifecycle, delivering effective and efficient experiences for its customers. The Gloplax team has a unique history of successfully setting up and running Global Capability Centres (GCCs) of leading multinational companies over the last two and a half decades.
The company is currently working with a global financial services company and a premium global retailer in establishing their GCCs. The organization provides unmatched insights from the conceptualization stage through design, build, operationalization, stabilization, growth and achieve higher levels of maturity.

“Our strength is derived from our practitioners’ knowledge and experience. We have invested significantly in developing a digital ecosystem with processes, tools and data, that support our customers on their GCC journey. Our approach comprises developing bespoke solutions, integration of 3Es - Effectiveness, Efficiency and Experience and transparency in all that we do”, shares Aveek Mukherjee, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Gloplax.

Gloplax offers three distinct engagement models, tailored to the unique needs and scale of the market. Enabled GCC - Gloplax assists with the entire lifecyle of a GCC right from the ideation to set-up which includes providing the Leadership and support personnel till such time that the new GCC is enabled to run their own operations. Hosted GCC – Gloplax helps set up and perform all the activities that are required to operationalize the GCC like running the Support functions like HR, Finance, Regulatory Compliance, Risk & Controls, Facilities, Vendor Management, Procurement, Communication/ Branding, and more, enabling the GCC to concentrate on managing its delivery.

This is a low capex low risk model to get started on their GCC journey allowing for a fast and flexible setup, with cost efficiencies even at smaller team sizes. Virtual GCC is a variation of the Hosted GCC where a client may not setup a legal entity of their own but leverage Gloplax’s legal entity and the ecosystem.

The company also offers advisory services to clients considering offshoring including a GCC set up. Develop the global sourcing strategy - Consulting services that assist and support a company in identifying the problem and draw out the solution strategy. Enable an existing GCC to move up the maturity curve - Support an existing GCC to stabilize and then fast track the maturity of the centers. Gloplax helps to identify opportunities for greater innovation, efficiencies, and growth in their GCC. Equip and Aid – Gloplax understands the nuances in this journey, thus has developed technology enabled frameworks, tools and models that are ready to be used.

Gloplax is focused on a vast untapped potential that exist in mid-market companies across North America, Europe and Australia. Additionally, as the offshoring/ global sourcing sector gears up for substantial growth in countries like India and the Philippines, Gloplax aims to play a pivotal role in supporting organizations in navigating the complexities of these goegraphies.