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  • 10 Most Promising Sourcing Companies - 2023

    Global Reach, Local Expertise: Sourcing Beyond Boundaries Sourcing companies play a pivotal role in today's globalized economy, connecting businesses with suppliers worldwide. These entities serve as intermediaries, facilitating the procurement of goods and services, streamlining supply chains, and contributing to overall operational efficiency. They play a vital role in the modern business landscape, enabling companies to access a global marketplace efficiently. Careful consideration and strategic partnerships with sourcing companies can significantly contribute to the success and resilience of businesses in the global marketplace. Sourcing Simplified, Solutions Amplified The primary advantage of sourcing companies is their ability to tap into a vast network of...

10 Most Promising Sourcing Companies - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
GLOBSI India Sourcing GLOBSI India Sourcing Ved. R. Tiwari ,Founder & CEO A distinguished enabler of global sourcing consultancy services and supply chain management, provides end-to-end sourcing solutions, covering direct and indirect materials, capex and services
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
APOGEE Sourcing APOGEE Sourcing Rajneesh Kumar , Founder & Business Head A B2B solutions company offers a wide range of services including procurement outsourcing, procurement intelligence, project management, quality assurance and many more
Coen Consulting Coen Consulting Sunil Puri , Founder & Lead Trainer A consulting firm with over 15 years of experience in the consulting industry and providing strategic advice and solutions in supply chain management, especially cost-reduction in procurement
Dragon Sourcing Dragon Sourcing Pankaj Tuteja , Chief Procurement Officer A procurement services company cover the full sourcing cycle including market analysis, supplier qualification, supplier auditing, sample development, negotiation, selection and purchase order management
FiunEx FiunEx Vishwas Desai , Associate Director- Global Sourcing and Procurement A global consulting firm specializing in strategic sourcing, procurement, supply chain management, and other services outsourced by global clients
Gloplax Solutions Gloplax Solutions Charlie Roberson, Denis McGee & Aveek Mukherjee, Co-Founders A specialized global sourcing firm that provides offshoring advisory and helps small and medium size companies evolve and implement their offshoring strategy
M & Co. Seafood Trading India M & Co. Seafood Trading India Mathews David , MD A company renowned for sustainably sourcing best-in-quality seafood, providing meticulous quality control and a range of specialized services tailored to meet the intricate demands of customers
PSP Procurement Solutions Provider PSP Procurement Solutions Provider Kunal Kumar Ghosh , Founder & CEO A procurement consulting and advisory firm that specializes in strategic sourcing and procurement solutions, supporting MSMEs every step of the way from S2C
Simple Sourcing Simple Sourcing Suvrat Ghatiwala , Founder A vibrant firm with over 10 years of product sourcing experience and hands-on experience across diverse countries
Strategic Management Solutions Strategic Management Solutions Kiranjeet Singh , CEO & Head - Procurement A management solution company, specialized in providing innovative solutions in the field of supply chain management, procurement & corporate training and more