Global Systems : Offering Rental Products According to Clients Requirements

 Manish Jagdish Bajaj , FounderRising consumer awareness regarding rental addons and the availability of affordable solutions is compelling rental market players to focus on enhancing their services and prioritizing customers' convenience. Being an IT equipment rental and hire company, Global Systems, based out in Mumbai, offers a wide range of laptops, computers, and Apple products on rent to Indian corporate and MNCs. The company’s rental solutions are custom built and based on clients’ exact requirements. Global Systems' strength lies in their service support thereby allowing the company to serve PAN India.

“With our team of professional and friendly staff, we can assure clients the most suitable solutions for their business requirements. We provide flexible rental solutions and are specialized in short term rental for events, exhibitions, and conferences to ease the stress of event planning costefficiently. Our round the clock services allow clients to get in touch 24/7 and get the equipment instantly”, said Manish Jagdish Bajaj, Founder, Global Systems.

Custom Built Rental Solutions
Technology trends keep changing in a twelve
months cycle. With these changing trends, the requirement of employees also varies. Not every organization is at its best financial position all the time to buy the equipment every twelve months. The next feasible option is to rent. Global Systems has a range of premium branded laptops in stock with specifications like i7 and Quad Core Processor or higher. Global Systems is an experienced and service driven supplier that goes above and beyond fully understanding clients’ requirements. The company collaborates with customers and tailors their rental package in-line with specific business needs, providing laptops from trusted brands, including Apple MacBook Pro's, Lenevo, Dell and HP. The market price of MacBook is 1-2 lakhs, which, not every company/ individual can afford to change with technology upgradation. Global Systems offers MacBook at a starting price of INR 3999/ for rent. More so, the specialty of any rental company is use and reuse. i5 8GB RAM powered iMac desktop is charged at INR 4500-7000 in initial days. After few years, the product will be rented in INR 3500. The multinational software companies are always in need of the latest technology equipment so constantly upgrade them. When Global Systems takes backs the machines, the company delivers them to those users who want it for basic use like on the front desk, hotel reception or call centers etc. Irrespective of the hardware or software clients use or prefer, Global Systems provides full technical support right through implementation to maintenance. Global Systems has availed Pan India Delivery and pick up and has partnered with major courier services.

Global Systems provides full technical support right through implementation to maintenance

Global Systems has always kept its products tested and updated therefore being able to complete large orders on time. Likewise, at the time of the election in Goa, government ordered 1750 laptops through a subsidy company. Global Systems helped the company by renting laptops successfully without any hassle. Similarly, Global Systems has executed Pan India orders for 35-40 locations without any hassle for various domestic companies. Excited about the new office expansion, Manish expresses company’s main goal to continue providing value added services to its clients.