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    According to IDC, revenue from public cloud services has climbed up to 63 billion in the starting of the year 2016 and has gained an amount of 28.6 percent over the same period. T he key principle of an IT i nfra rental is to hold and improve trade processes, where they are the base ahead which the market process that compel an enterprise’s achievement are based. IT infra rental should rapidly be modified to assist innovative technolo­gies while accomplishing steady access control and analysing policies and maintaining elevated degrees of elasticity and quickness. Looking into the field of IT infrastructure, the purpose solutions to repeat ex­ertion was recollected as a business opening by various organisations to homogenize traditional IT infrastructure construction...

10 Most Promising IT Infra Rental Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Global Systems Global Systems Manish Jagdish Bajaj , Founder Offers a wide range of laptops, computers and Apple products on rent through custom-built rental solutions.
Network Techlab Network Techlab Atul Gosar, Founder & Director Presents a wide range of IT products for rent including UPS and Batteries, Office Automation, Display, Apple products with a minimum tenure of 1 week to years.
New Era Infomatique New Era Infomatique Dinesh Ochani , CEO A company that offers rental and leasing of IT infrastructure for every requirement of customers and also facilitates shipment of IT products for rent.
PJ Networks PJ Networks Vikas Mishra , Manager - Govt & Corporate Sales A provider of servers, firewall, and access points on rent coupled with services on Application security, and SD WAN implementation and security.
RAC Infra Rental LLP RAC Infra Rental LLP Vipul Pandya, Director Supplies a wide range of computers upgraded with latest configurations across India through timely deliveries and free technical support for hardware.
Serverbasket Serverbasket Amarender Dontula, CEO & Director Provides a list of servers such as Rack Servers, Tower Servers, Enterprise Servers, Micro Servers, Moonshot Servers, and Scalable Servers for rent with 24/7 handholding technical support.
TechServers TechServers Ghanshyam Das , Founder Delivering IT equipment that span any duration for requirements such as staff travelling overseas, zero capital expenditure budgets, and projects or presentations.
Vegatech Infosolutions Vegatech Infosolutions Jugal Kishor, Managing Director Distributes firewall rental services with zero licenses or costs to add users or VPN tunnels, IDS protection for attempted break-in, and remote deployment at 24/7.
Zaco Computers Zaco Computers Praveen Jain, Director Specializes in data centre maintenance for server, storage and networking equipment with service expertise across IT field.