Gifting Ideas: Blazing a trail in the Corporate Gifting Industry Since 1996

Suvir Khullar,    Managing Director

Suvir Khullar

Managing Director

Receiving a gift is always a special feeling and that’s no different in the corporate world. Corporate gifting to clients, customers and employees has become a strategic tool used by organisations. Not only does it significantly improve client retention rate but also makes customers feel special and induce repeat purchases. In fact, today corporate gifting is an essential element of customer acquisition and employee retention programs, and it is only going to grow further in the coming decade as personalization and automation gain popularity. It is always more thoughtful to personalize corporate gifts whenever possible, to help build an emotional connection between the customer and the brand. So the perfect corporate gift is one that has the required strategic inputs as well as a personal touch.

Gifting Ideas Pvt. Ltd. has been providing the perfect corporate gift for some of the biggest companies in India and now internationally, for over 26 years. India’s first and most renowned player in the gifting industry, the company was originally founded by Suvir Khullar as Micro Solutions and later renamed Gifting Ideas Pvt Ltd. in 2008.

Success against the odds
Founder Suvir Khullar began his career in the Merchant Navy, just after he finished school, before starting his own company with a single product to support his family. He later realized that he is more of a ‘relationship person’ and added products in the offerings that create a deeper connect. “Building the company with just Rs5000 in hand was no furball. But since school, I had it in me to stay focussed and keep trying. From an overweight kid in school to participating in 50 plus Half Marathon Races now, that’s where the motivation and determination speak for itself. Today, I am proud of what the company has become, getting 90% of its business from repeat clients”, says Suvir. Gifting Ideas has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad, with offices planned in Chennai and Kolkata this fiscal.

Gifting Ideas owes its success to the hard-working team that is dedicated to providing consumer satisfaction. The core leadership team includes - Suvir Khullar (Managing Director), Santosh Pawaskar (Senior Vice President, Web Services & Technology, Uneza Shaikh (General Manager, Marketing), Rameshwar Rao (Sales Head – South), Ankit Shah ( Senior Key Accounts Manager), Chirag Makwana (Product Specialist), Gitesh Surve (Purchase Manager) and Savio D’Souza (Head Online Sales). Together, they provide strong support and encouragement to the larger team to make sure thatthe client’s expectations are always met, right down to the finest detail.

Building a loyal clientele
Gifting Ideas has steadily grown from a single product company to a one-stop gifting solutions provider of choice to an ever-growing clientele. This is due to its unwavering focus on meeting the needs of each of its clients and fulfilling its commitments with an in-depth understanding of each requirement and exact specifications for the order. This is what separates Gfiting Ideas apart from the rest. “We listen keenly to our customers and adapt. That has been the key behind our evolution over the years. We started from a single product two and a half decades ago and now can source anything and that too worldwide. However, we no longer consider ourselves a Product company. We are a Service company. With a team of over 60, we are constantly leveraging
our potential to source from all over India, Asia, and Europe to benefit our customers” says, Suvir Khullar.

Gifting Ideas was founded on three core values – building long-term relationships, customer-centricity, and dependability. It has been in the business for over two and a half decades which gives it unmatched market insights compared to any other company in the corporate gifting industry. This, along with timely delivery, premium quality products, flexibility and going the extra mile to meet customer expectations are some of the reasons for its growing and esteemed clientele. Over the years it has supplied gifts to over 1200 companies, and counting! However, the true testament of client satisfaction is repeated purchases and 90% of Gifting Ideas’ business today comes from that.

The entire workforce embodies the company’s mission to cater to the gifting needs of clients with complete trust, consistency, and excellence – and shares in the vision to be the preferred gifting partner for key clients through an unwavering investment in them. Through dedicated Relationship Managers, supported by an experienced Procurement & Operations Team, Gifting Ideas sources only the best gifts for its clients, whether locally or from overseas. The company offers India's largest and best collection of gifts from several well-known international brands.“We feel privileged to be the exclusive Indian member of IPPAG (International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts), which is a 50-year-old international gifting association. We are also the exclusive licensee in India for Prominate UK, recognized by the leading agency BEROE as the ‘Number One Global Promotional Products Supplier’”, says Suvir Khullar.

Gifting Ideas focuses on managing the entire experience of working with the company efficiently, irrespective of the product. Experiences create loyalty, not products

Staying at the cutting edge
In the digital age, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with the latest technology for their industry. In the gifting industry, tech-based platforms perform more efficiently and are operationally easier. Gifting Ideas has recently upgraded its services to one such tech-based platform where clients will be able to manage all their gifting needs on one unified platform created for their organization. This new platform will be more agile, user-friendly, scalable, and loaded with new interesting features so as to manage a hybrid working ecosystem that has thrown up challenges in the execution of R&R activities, gifts and promotions, and communications. The company endeavors to make the gifter’s life as stress-free as possible and with the use of technology, the entire process of selecting single or multiple gifts, validation of the recipient’s address and the dispatch will be seamlessly managed by the platform.

Gifting Ideas also manages an online store and redemption platforms for clients, and even assists in gathering data from their employees regarding their gifts and preferred delivery options. The company has prompt communication channels in place to address logistical challenges with real-time updates. Logistics continues to be a challenge for the gifting industry and while there may be many more choices for consumers today, not all can be relied on to deliver across the country. Gifting Ideas is one of the few exceptions.

“Gifting Ideas, once again setting an example in the industry with its efforts to get recognized as a sustainable organization by doing its bit to contribute to the environment”

Marching Towards Sustainability
From inception, Gifting Ideas has been a pioneer. Gifting Ideas is once again setting an example in the industry with its efforts to get recognized as a sustainable organization by doing its bit to contribute to the environment. It aims to become a socially responsible organization by continuously adapting real sustainable possibilities into the work culture and business. The three new ‘P’s - Planet, People and Profit, will be the focus. Taking a holistic approach, the company has conducted internal workshops and workshops with partner suppliers; guiding clients towards more sustainable choices and increasingly working with suppliers who act responsibly. It has increased sustainable gift offerings to the clients as part of its continuous improvement strategy and to create value for clients with better quality and sustainable choices.

The company has recently been accepted as a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) a global network of over 15,000 companies and 4,000 non-business participants that are committed to building a sustainable future. Participants such as Gifting Ideas are committed to creating long term value in the ecological, social and economical environment by continuously working towards achieving a sustainable plan by exploring new and environmentally responsible ways in its work culture and ways of business.“We would like to educate our clients too about the importance of sustainable and responsible gifting. We focus on selling high-quality, well-designed and useful products that can be sustained and stay with the user for a long time. Also, which can align with their CSR goals and business ethics. At times, we even suggest to clients to order less, so as to reduce wastage”, concludes Suvir.