GEMS Recycling: Reaping Success by Harvesting the e-Waste of India

Mannar Mannan,Managing Director

Mannar Mannan

Managing Director

‘Reuse, Reduce & Recycle’ is the environmental management hierarchy we all grew up learning. With illegal & unauthorized e-Waste management companies sky rocketing in the shadow of super developed nations using India as their personal dumping ground, a cry for legitimate e-Waste harvesting and treatment plants resonates all over the country. With the primary goal of reusing every component in electronic equipment, GEMS Recycling has pioneered the art of harvesting components and increase its lifespan to make smaller industrial automation systems, toys and others, in-turn giving utmost value to customers for the end-of-life equipment.

Elaborate Services
Striving to clean up the country atlarge, GEMS takes up the recycling task from companies all over India, processes & treats them in its authorized facility and provides a comprehensive report to the clients. If necessary, clients can request data destruction which the company undertakes at the clients location or in-house, where thousands of devices like hard discs,light bulbs and many
others can be destroyed methodically. “We recently destroyed millions of incandescent lamps(ICL’s) in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and other states upon initiation from the Indian Government to save energy by ensuring that the ICL’s don’t return to the market,” recalls Mannar Mannan, Managing Director, GEMS Recycling.

GEMS takes up the responsibility of inventorying the generated e-Waste of clients, by storing it in their back end and disposing it if requested

Besides the 15 employees travelling nationwide to pitch business & pickup e-Waste material, the company has a 25 people strong in-house workforce which under takes the Herculean task of ensuring complete compliance of treating electronic as well as hazardous waste of clients and disposing it off legally, ticking all the boxes in the Government’s e-Waste rule book. Furthermore, GEMS takes up the responsibility of inventorying the generated e-Waste of clients, by storing it in their back-end and disposing it if requested. Proficient hardware engineers at GEMS artistically utilize cutting edge technologies like pulverizers, magnetic separators, eddy-current systems and others to perform reverse engineering, dismantling and other functions related to computers and various electronic

The company often faces the plight of time crunch with many enterprises ordering to pick up e-Waste immediately, but tie-ups with numerous logistic partners helps GEMS fulfill the clients’ urgencies successfully. Mean while, coalitions with other e-Waste companies help answer clients’ end-of-each year pickup demands even after reaching their disposal limit. Consequently, GEMS concentrates on strengthening its logistics partnership and in the process has acquired an impressive clientele with the likes of RR Donnelley, Artium, Ingram Micro, Rane Group, Adani Group and many such giants. Augmenting philan thropically, GEMS works with Chennai’s ‘Disability Rights Alliance’ and other NGOs by sharing their profits and providing them means to earn. The company further plays liaison between the NGOs and the corporates’CSR, which has been fruitful so far.

Undeterred Future
Being one of the oldest players in the e-Waste management business sector, GEMS has come a long way since its humble inception in 2007. The company has seen a significant growth of 15 percent in revenue last year despite the newly mushroomed ventures taking up the crowded e-Waste business space just to fade away from existence as swiftly as they proliferated. Strictly following the Government guidelines based on global practices, GEMS is in the works of establishing collection centres in smaller cities which would subsequently set it apart from the hoi polloi in the e-Waste management industry.