FusionEventz: One-Stop-Agency for Top Notch Event Management Services

'Management is, above all, a practice where art, science and craft meet', says a renowned business and management professor and author Henry Mintzberg. This quote perfectly sums up the importance of management in an event to make it a successful one. Many companies thrive to find the perfect event management company who could work hand-in-hand and deliver astounding results. Like this Bangalore-based event management company, for whom management of an event is not just practice or an act, but an element that is rooted in their

We Would Say if you Have right strategy and better solutions what industry requires; for sure you will have your market share irrespective of competition

In this latest trend of growing event management industry (a $100 billion market), FusionEventz stands tall with specialization in corporate events along with concerts, fashion shows, conferences, marketing events, branding, wedding planning, sports events and many more.

End-To-End Services
Incorporated in 2008 by Niranjan (Founder, Chairman & CEO), FusionEventz manages end-to-end events, whether it is concerts or award ceremonies, fashion shows, conference, marketing events, branding and many more. While most of the event companies put
Niranjan,Founder, CEO&Chairman


Founder, CEO&Chairman

their own ideas on the table, and sometimes feed them forcefully, FusionEventz expertise in turning client's idea into reality with a much bigger picture by leveraging on its extensive contact base with some of India’s finest ground handling and event infrastructure partners.

It acts as one-stop-agency to meet all its clients' needs when it comes to planning, organizing and executing their MICE events, be it monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Other than the usual array of corporate related events, FusionEventz offers solutions that veer off the beaten track with a unique set of special events like golf events, sports tournaments, fashion shows, promotions and many more to cater the necessities of organizations wanting to make their event unique. Apart from all these, FusionEventz also provides experimental marketing and OOH advertising with a goal to form a connection between the consumer and the brand.

The Uniqueness
Once FusionEventz receives an idea for an event from the client or provide conceptualized events ideas, it follows multiple processes
to ensure quality delivery. Each segment is managed by different department and key professionals who go through internal training programs and process which helps them achieve customer expectation and organization standards. The good amount of time that FusionEventz has spent in building the system, technology and strategy for its team of 12 members to enable them understand and meet company objectives have made sure that it stays much ahead of its competitors. “We would say if you have right strategy and better solutions what industry requires, for sure you will have your market share irrespective of competition,” says Niranjan. Accomplishing each and every event at unique creative standard, Fusion has worked with corporate giants like TCL, HP, ALTRAN, EMULEX, ONGC, Swiggy, Ola, Cisco, Gartner, Sobha Developers, Ingersoll Rand India Limited and many more and doubled its revenue every year from the past three years.

With offices in Bangalore, Mysore and Ballari, and partners & associates spread across the country, FusionEventz is currently working on technology to build solutions for automotive and real estate sectors. It also aims to continue its organic growth and work more on technology based solutions before moving on for funding. With the huge success of its solutions, it can now be safe to say that FusionEventz has successfully achieved the tag of one of the most sought after 360º Marketing and Event Management Company.