Fusion Business Solutions: Delivering High-Quality Yet Cost-Effective Virtual Assistant Solutions

Madhukar Dubey,MD & Founder

Madhukar Dubey

MD & Founder

Do you have too much to do and not enough time to handle your routine administrative tasks? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to distribute time and manage increasing workload to focus on your prime chores that grow your business? It’s time for you to hire a trustworthy virtual assistant company like Fusion Business Solutions. Fusion has a talent pool of 300+ certified virtual assistants (VAs) who concentrate on your core business, perform all exterior tasks and maintain a good rapport with your customers, clients, suppliers, partners, other stakeholders, thereby saving time, cutting operational cost, managing business effectively, and offering you smooth path to success. “Our model works best for the clients who have lot on their plate, allowing them to delegate mundane tasks and focus on the core business,” proclaims Madhukar Dubey, Managing Director & Founder, Fusion Business Solutions.

For instance, Fusion has assisted a client in managing his daily administrative work (preparing distribution news, sending emails & reminders and others) efficiently, who earlier found his work
technically difficult and time consuming due to meetings and other important work. In fact, after collaboration, the client has acquired two new businesses and continues its rapid growth through the consolidation of leading capital market companies. “Within the first 24 hours of free trial itself, our VAs quickly learned & delivered the output for this client,” adds Madhukar. Today, Fusion provides VA services to over 200 clients /businesses/companies globally.

"With our 13+ years of experience and latest technologies, we bring someone who's qualified and matches your personality, so you can have them around all day"

Services at Par
The company never fails to extend a helping hand to the business owners when it comes to offering high-quality yet cost-effective virtual assistance services for remote staffing, pre-sales activities, mobile/web solutions, e-Commerce and recruitment support. “With our 13+ years of experience and latest technologies, we bring someone who’s qualified and matches your personality, so you can have them around all day,” concludes Madhukar. Fusion’s core values lie in rendering customized solutions, wherein its skilled team works as an on-site employee and communicates directly with clients to deeply understand their needs, thereby avoiding any filtration of information and making the entire process transparent. Apart from VAs, each client is allocated a dedicated crew of supervisor, team lead and manager who not only work 24×7 and take complex tasks, but also ascertain that the
delivered outcomes meet the quality standard. Once primary VA is trained on specific tasks, entire process is documented, and another resource is coached as a backup to replace the absent/sick VA, avoiding discontinuation of the service.

Thus, there are several benefits employing Fusion, including offshore VAs who reduce the capital needs along with ongoing costs of management & development, and specific & qualified professionals to complete the tasks faster. This further facilitates clients to formulate an extended team (trained and deployed for performing same tasks) at much lower price than an in-house employee(prices start from $7/hour), even if they look at international expansion.

Security Protocols
What sets this ISO 9001:2015 certified company apart from other players is its magnificent security measures that include, but not limited to, end-to-end encryption, implementation of Cyberoam CR300iNG firewall & DMZ zones to protect local & internal physical network, and domain control for managing network security. Atop, Fusion deploys antivirus seqrite endpoint security server that controls data transfer through various channels and prevent employees to use external devices. Apart from providing tight security protocols, Fusion renders flexible working norms, allowing clients to discontinue the contract (short-term contracts of one month) by just giving 15 days prior notice. This unique feature enables Fusion to build long-lasting relationship with its clients in India as well as in U.S. and UK.