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  • 10 Most Promising Virtual Assistant Service Providers – 2018

    Have you ever wished for a Genie in the bottle to magically appear and resolve of your life dilemmas? Well, the corporate life is no cakewalk either and one cannot but wish for magical assistant who will, if not grant three wishes, can help ease the daily grind and create a productive day for all those in need. The Virtual Assistant Service providers are akin to a modern day genie that skilfully take up a task and execute them with precision while customers can focus on perhaps a new start-up, or just take off the work load to create a more meaningful work day. The reasons are diverse and so are the service provisions by these virtual assistants. While staying in New York, a customer can get in touch with an official in India who understands the specific requirements of the task and...

10 Most Promising Virtual Assistant Service Providers – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acelerar Technologies Acelerar Technologies Anupam Rajey, Founder One among the leading industrial member providing tailored back-office (BPO) solution & Virtual Assistant services to global clients
Arissa India Arissa India Vinay Venkatesh, Founder & CEO Offers support & assistance to SMEs and startups on hourly/weekly/monthly basis according to their project requirements
Ask Sunday Ask Sunday Steve Ayers, Founder The Dedicated Assistant service facilitates clients with the access to their own skilled agent, dedicated to thier needs like research, data entry and many others, easily accessible by email, IM and phone.
Brickwork India Brickwork India Vivek Kulkarni, Founder The organisation was incepted on the idea to provide the benefits of outsourcing available to individuals and small to mid-sized companies, by providing simple to complex business assistance, at an affordable price
Exicon Consulting Exicon Consulting Abhishek Ghosh, Managing Director Exicon Group is a diversified marketing solutions provider bringing together brands and people globally through meaningful connections that drive business success.
Fusion Business Solutions Fusion Business Solutions Madhukar Dubey, MD & Founder Proffers high-quality yet cost-effective virtual assistant solutions for complete organizational requirements including remote staffing, mobile/web solutions, e-Commerce & recruitment support, and pre-sales activities
Task Papa Task Papa Devang Selani, Founder & Director Highly skilled, experienced & flexible personnel providing Admin virtual assistance services leveraging the best hardware & software resources
Tasks Everyday Tasks Everyday Suvidh Marwaha, Founder & CEO A virtual assistant in true manner, the organisation helps customers do away with mundane tasks or initiate a highly niche task at the backend for a successful program and company progress
Your Daily Tasks Your Daily Tasks Naren Joshi, Owner Through a highly efficient team and technology, the organisation helps clients streamline their work efficiently and execute them in a highly precise manner