FulcrumEdu: Creating an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship Development for Budding Innovators to Prosper & Skill Development for Great Careers

Jyothi Noronha, Founder Entrepreneurship today is more than just an occupation. It is a support system on which a community can flourish. Though highly glamourized, it’s the hard truth that 90 percent of the startups fail to survive past the year of their conception. Building an enterprise from scratch is no child’s play, much to the awareness of Jyothi Noronha, Founder, FulcrumEdu.

Entrepreneurs or employees, there is a need for the right skilling to be industry-ready. Inspired from her own gruelling, but learning experience, Jyothi founded the company to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and career seekers to find success in their chosen path. What started off as a purely academic training organization, FulcrumEdu is today a pioneer in entrepreneurship & skill development, relying on the core team of five experienced and extremely qualified womenpreneurs.

FulcrumEdu is incubated by the
prestigious ilabHub, managed by INFOPACE and backed by Apex Govt body ASSOCHAM (Association of Chamber of Commerce). This has assisted the company with various collaborations with coveted Govt. of India, State Govt.of Karnataka skill development program, EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India)and NASSCOMM,and is presently in the centre of the entrepreneurial and skill development canvas. FulcrumEdu’s flagship offerings are in the niche areas of Entrepreneurship Development, women empowerement, Digital Marketing, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and non technical essential Skills.

We want to create a symbiotic eco-system of sustained skill building and innovation that will benefit the community progress rather than just offer a short stint of time boxed trainings or certification

Being an women led venture with an all women team, FuclrumEdu takes pride in its champion cause - Women Empowerement and Entrepreneurship. As the name suggests, the women entrepreneurship program moulds
enthusiastic women to successful business women, help them acquire right skills, support and eventually play their roles as community builders. Here the company is working at leveraging the reach of women empowerment organisations and build on the inititatives of Women and Child Welfare department of the State Government of Karnataka

Though still in its budding stage, FulcrumEdu’s vision is a very far-fetching and matured one. “We want to create a symbiotic ecosystem of sustained skill building and innovation that will benefit the community progress rather than just offer a short stint of time boxed trainings or certification,” states Jyothi. Universities, Start-ups, Budding innovators and start-up communites can contact FulcrumEdu to enhance their skilling and Entrepreneurship development opportunities and be certified by Authorised Gvernment entities.

With the rising demand, FulcrumEdu is planning on expanding across India and Dubai in its current niche specialty. Furthermore, it envisions building itself up by participating in major government projects and working at a much grander scale. “We are building future entrepreneurs, startups and budding innovators. Not just by skilling them, but creating an eco system for them to come learn and innovate,” concludes Jyothi.