FORnSEC Solutions: Nagpur's Most Reliable Cyber Forensic Maven

Sachin Sathe, Founder

Sachin Sathe


The third largest city of Maharashtra, Nagpur is witnessing a swarm of cybercrimes day in and day out. Back in 2015, major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and others held a strong cyber forensics market in India, while Nagpur was still grappling with this aspect. Thanks to FORnSEC Solutions for establishing itself as the only brand back then in 2015 that offered cyber forensic services at Nagpur. Even today, the company excels pre dominantly in the provision of a wide range of cyber forensic services to Law Enforcement Agencies(LEAs) and civic bodies.

Since majority of the people endup as cybercrime victims today, FORnSEC Solutions is on a mission to forecast its brand to every individual as a panacea to all of their cybercrime issues. Sachin Sathe, Founder, FORnSEC Solutions, adds, “Our primordial goal is to make our society crime free and help people to fight against cybercrimes”. Standing as a linchpin behind this goal is Sachin, a well versed expert with over a decade of experience in the field of cyber forensics and cybersecurity. Leveraging this experience, Sachin has been signing the 65B Certificate, which is vital for presenting electronic evidences in the court of law, for LEAs and civic bodies. He has solved most critical cases, including 1000 Government and 3000 private cases since 2008. Besides, he is an adjoint faculty member of YCCE
College, and gives training on cybersecurity and cyber forensics to college students across India and abroad. Recently,Sachin has also been recognized as the CHFI Advisory Board Member by EC Council US.

Our primordial goal is to make our society crime free and help people to fight against cybercrimes

FORnSEC’s Portfolio
Cyber forensics is a very complicated field, where in huge patience and knowledge goes into each investigation and mere software would do no good. For clients who are cybercrime vitcims, FORnSEC Solutions firstly comprehends their situation and provides them with preliminary cyber forensic investigation followed by deep investigation. This way, the firm solves their issue by identifying the exact culprit. Secondly, the firm secures the client’s application, network and website from external attacks, besides exploring their company’s cyber loopholes through cyber security audit/VAPT.

FORnSEC also extends its arm in delivering certification programs under cyber forensics and cybersecurity to all interested people. Besides these areas, the firm offers data recovery as well as divorce litigation support, wherein it extracts appropriate digital evidences for clients. What lies common across all these services is that FORnSEC ensures to incorporate client’s feedback on a range of aspects whether service was helpful, their demands fulfilled or the data provided was utilized in the court of law. Moreover, the firm constantly upgrades its tools in accordance with newfangled technologies to present nothing less than the best to its clients.

The Aficionados
IT experts, EC-Council certified cyber forensic investigators and cybersecurity analysts (with one year experience & above) along with counselors, interns and others are a part of FORnSEC’s techsavvy team, whose strength has grown from two to 20 today. A cyber forensic, cyber security & HR expert with over four years of experience, Aransha Badge oversees end-to-end needs of each client. The firm’s other experts include Manish Gawai(cyber forensic analyst), and Apurva Navhate (cyber forensic trainer & malware analyst).

Currently, FORnSEC is planning to conduct free cybersecurity awareness workshops to students at colleges and schools as well as corporates. With a 50 percent increase in revenue this year, the firm envisages achieving 100 percent very soon.