FLITS: Empowering Shopify Merchants In A Cohesive & Modern Manner

Gunjan Patel, Co-founder & CEO &,  Milind Patel, Co-Founder & CTO

Gunjan Patel, Co-founder & CEO &

Milind Patel, Co-Founder & CTO

Just when the pandemic disrupted the retail economy, Shopify came into the picture and has experienced unprecedented growth despite the COVID-19 scenario. Social distancing and quarantine procedures both decelerated traditional retail, and thousands of businesses quickly adopted the Shopify route. It soon became a go-to platform with a diverse range of easy-to-use offerings and subsequently its revenue grew 96 percent in Q3 2020.

One million online merchants spanning 175 countries generated a massive $5.1 billion in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Unlike other retail platforms, Shopify allows retailers to sell online, in-store, on social media or even on-the-go by offering end-to-end services right from billing to shipping. According to Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke, “Shopify is trying to arm the rebels.”

Flits is uniquely positioned in this space where it help enhance Shopify customer account pages to increase engagement. Flits is a SaaS platform that provides industry leading e-Commerce solutions for the Shopify merchants. It's app focuses on Shopify merchant’s core needs including an eye-catching Customer account page, Next generation reward program, Social logins, Wishlist, Integrations, Customization as per business unique needs.

Gunjan Patel and Milind Patel, the Co-Founders of Flits, have been working in the e-Commerce industry and enabling online retailers with robust technology solutions for over five years. With four years of dedicatedly serving the Shopify ecosystem, it is an integral part of the community and strive to build solutions that further strengthen the merchant’s online presence.

Ravindra Patel

Essential Products & Solutions
With Flits you have consolidated data in the Account page where clients can view profile, order history, reorder function and more. Sellers can also customize their page with the design they want, wish list, advanced filtering, reorders list, recently viewed products, delivery address-all on one dashboard giving customers a 360 degree view of every connected data. With the Flits ecosystem, a seller can set-up Shopify Store Credits which increases the frequency of a customer returning to the store for more purchases, ultimately turning them to brand advocates with the next-gen rewards program. Gone are the days of the points system with the ushering of the brand new key module-the 'credits system'.

Some of the popular credit programs are Birthday credit, Monthly credit, Sign up credit, Subscriber credit, Referral credit, Product review credit, Credit after every order, and Repeat customers credit. This is an intelligent way of engaging with customers which results in success and growth. Additionally, while every other brand is trying to lure shoppers with discounts and deals, with the help of Flits, sellers are able to grab eyeballs with Shopify store credits.

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According to Gunjan Patel, Co-Founder, "Sellers are looking for customer attention and also customer retention. While there are many Saas modules in the market that are focusing on marketing features, for Flits, customer retention is our priority".

Flits also enables buyers to sign up on a seller’s store with Social login-an excellent way of turning shoppers into subscribers and customers. Social login helps to make setting up of authenticated customer accounts seamless. Days of lengthy registration forms are a thing of the past. This method
simplifies Shopify customer account registration, avoids fake signups, enables one-click login for friction less shopping and as a result, the seller can also grow their email list.

The account page of Flits can be used to collect Shopper’s data for retargeting campaigns on Social media and making personalized product recommendations. It can also be used to look into the order history, analysis of products they are interested in and the re-orders made-which when tied together can help sellers identify purchase patterns of the shoppers This data can be used to drive repeat purchases by tailoring seller’s retargeting campaigns and product promotions. The Accounts Page can also be used to improve brand awareness that boosts customer engagement, improves retention and grows a loyal customer base.

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Flits has amassed a laudable list of happy merchants. According to Petmax, the app has transformed their customers page into a much more functional and customer friendly layout. It was easy to use and install and also has a great FAQ page for assistance. Petmax’s specific request for the profile page was also accommodated quickly and easily by the developer. With The Man Company, Flits enabled Loyalty Boosts and Repeat Purchases resulting in 41 percent increase in orders using store credits, 91 percent increase in average order value with store credits and 327 percent increase in store credit spend during the lockdown.

Gunjan Patel, CO-FOUNDER & CEO

And that is not all. According to My Deli Fresh, the support they got for the app was top notch. Even when My Deli Fresh requested several changes to the theme, Flits were quick to help over and beyond. The wishlist and social log in were also seamlessly executed that made the app even more efficient.

Furthermore, Flits had a successful collaboration with Indie and Harper, a bohemian jewelry brand that offers collections designed for women looking for jewelry that best reflects their true self. Indie and Harper wanted to build a strategy to offer the customers a more personalized shopping experience. Some aspects they wanted to include was to make it easy for customers to save products for later purchase, and have an easy way to track orders.

Alongside, the brand wanted to implement a strategy to boost customer loyalty. This factor is driven by the fact that jewelry is not a repeat-buy product and customers don’t buy it regularly. Bringing customers back was crucial to business success. After multiple brainstorming sessions with the company and their marketing team, Flits strategized and did the following-it made a powerful customer account page and built in a loyalty program with the help of store credits.

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To boost engagement on the loyalty program, Flits also provided a quick explanation of how a buyer can earn more store credits within the dashboard. To cover all grounds, Flits also included a detailed explanation of how buyers can redeem or shop from the store credits that they have earned so far on Indie and Harper. The result was 375 percent Increase in order using store credit, 200 percent increase in average order value and 100 percent increase in store credit use post- Covid.

Future Partnerships & Roadmaps
Flits has also been the integration partner of some heavyweight brands-App partners include PushOwl,, Wiser, DelightChat, PageFly, TinyIMG, Mode Magic, and Kiwi Sizing. Flits also has Agency partners which are XgenTech, Expert Village Media, Lucent Innovations and ITGeeks.

Sellers are Looking for Improved customer Attention and We work on our Data based on The particular Program model, To achieve that. It Is not a general Marketing Feature but a Smart marketing Tool

In the coming years, Flits will be involved deeply in analysis and R&D to provide even better solutions for the problems that still plague the e-Commerce industry. According to Gunjan Patel, "All industries have different problems and different solutions and Flits team can give solutions in feasible ways in all directions to add value to customers and users and improve customer experience”.

With 5000+ Shopify merchants across 110+ countries around the world, Flits have been built on the foundation stone of trust and that is the base of all the work they do. Be it the relationships they maintain within the team or those that they have with their clients, Flits ensures that they are the reliable shoulder to count on always.