First Language Solutions: A Globally Recognized Language Translation & Interpretation Savant

Tushar Sharma, Co-Founder

Tushar Sharma, Co-Founder

On one hand, the Indian government’s ‘Digital India Campaign’ envisions bridging the country’s rural networks to the web by the end of 2019, while on the other, tourism trends & global/multi-national companies are fastening seat-belts across domains in the country, greatly demanding the exchange of linguistic propellers to strengthen business prospects. These matters of importance demand for one thing in common-a language translation bridge. Yet, although the potential for India’s language-service market goes beyond its obvious multilingualism, the language translation sector in the country is striding at snail-pace progress despite soaring demands

Tapping these demands with an expertise that trumpets success since 2009, Noida-based First Language Solutions(FLS)aims to thrust efforts to newer limits, targeting to serve the translation, localization & interpretation of global(especially South-East Asia)and regional Indian languages. With core strengths in serving international clients from the U.S., UK in localizing their content in Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and more, the company also
specializes in aiding medical tourism and providing digital marketing for clientele in the local languages.

Headed by Vineet Kumar Sharma (Owner), who holds a profound experience in the industry for around 15 years, FLS has carved itself a reputation that is built on customer satisfaction, credibility and commitment. Thanks to its excellent internal infrastructure built on cloud, the company can now not just provide customized services, but also uniquely develop software for localization. Catering to services like subtitling for movie-content providers (mostly in regional languages), transcription and other travel solutions, FLS’services are recognized among various small, medium and prestigious Fortune 500 companies worldwide. This has given the company a firm grip within the industry earning a track-record of providing on-time delivery and quality proof submission of services, thereby acclaiming to be one of the fastest growing translation companies in Asia.

"FLS can now not just provide customized services, but also uniquely develop software for localization"

Experience & Expertise Conveys All
Personally enriched with linguistic skills in Mandarin, English, Hindi and Punjabi, Tushar Sharma (Co-Founder) has driven the company to specialize in eight foreign languages, some being Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German, French and Spanish and other South-East Asian languages, which form its core strength. This does not deem all; FLS also serves in some of the most prominent regional languages like Tamil,
Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali. Working with globally reputed companies in Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-III cities, FLS receives its recognition through recommendations and testimonials from clients.

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with FLS. It is really great how easy to work with your teams and we never have any problem at all. You made the entire localization process so simple and smooth for us to connect with the local support of Translation and digital marketing. Thanks guys!” said Sachin Diwaker, Launch Your Business.

Driven by customer satisfaction, credibility and commitment and housing the expertise of only experienced freelancers, full-timer proof-readers and dedicated experts (it does not work with students who undertook language as part-time course), the company is approachable 24x7 to meet the clients’ demands, ensuring to deliver accurate services in compliance with both the local and foreign notaries. An instance that highlights its know-how is its success in developing a software for a French company with completely customized CRM software, made available in their native language. Such is the prowess of the company.

With an aim for further progress, the company claims to accept more challenges when opportunity knocks on its doors. Furthermore, with the industry’s current revenue growth at a 20 percent YOY, Vineet and his team aims at leading FLS to achieve a 15-20 percent revenue spike in the current FY.