FastFor Technologies: Quick and Reliable Fiber Connection Providers

The phenomenal growth of internet access is tempered only by the fact that there is a finite amount of people on the planet. The Internet has come a long way in the last few years and many small to medium sized Internet Service Providers have prospered because they were proactive to the changes faced in the market. Headquartered in Mumbai, FastFor Technology is one of the emerging Internet Service Provider offering the customers a guaranteed service uptime of 99 percent and above, along with options available for static public IP addresses which enables customers to host servers on web.

FastFor Technologies is a broadband leased line provider offering a Dedicated Internet Access. Dedicated Internet Access is a premium internet connectivity product which is dedicated, fully duplex nature of Bandwidth and provides symmetrical speed Internet. The access is more about the business terms of the internet connection and not the technology or delivery method. The organisation provides Bandwidth on Demand which is a network connectivity service that allows users to request bandwidth at desired levels when and where they need it. FastFor Technologies provides various services as per customer needs such as wireless broadband connection where location at which the network is feasible on fiber and the organisation connects the location with wireless access point. FastFor’s wire broadband service provides feasible locations that are connected with fiber networks and delivering customers according to their needs. Internet leased line and corporate leased line are also the services provided by the organisation to the customers. FastFor Technologies also provides Primary Rate Interface Lines which delivers SME and corporate in an affordable rate with guaranteed fluent call experience.

Looking at the significant transformation of IT industry and the number of internet users,

FastFor Technologies is a broadband leased line provider offering a Dedicated Internet Access

there has been a huge demand for highspeed internet connection in Mumbai and other cities. More and more individuals, house holds and business entities look up for unlimited internet plans for smooth running of their business and for personal activities like socializing, searching information and browsing high definition videos. Network traffic at times leads to connection problem faced by customers. SPs having wider coverage area face less network congestion issue. How ever, SPs having smaller coverage area face more network traffic and congestion. Customer Churn is one of the challenges faced by FastFor Technologies. Customers are prone to switch their broadband in any city if they are facing even the slightest issue.
Shoaib Malvia ,  Director
As the IT market is highly predictable there may be innovations in the market trends and regulations, thus the organization face encounters in adapting to these changes in the market. “The most important flagship which separates our company from other internet providers is dedicated Bandwidth and customer support and we are also Class B Internet Service Provider officially licensed by DOT”, says Shoaib Malaviya, Director, FastFor Technologies. The organization’s team deployed fiber cable at various locations in Mumbai where many companies refused to deliver networks. The company’s vision is to become the largest ISP across India with the same service that the organisation provides right now to the customers. FastFor Technologies’ anthem is HarGhar Me WI-Fi. The organization needs to fulfill better internet services to each individual with unmatched service and support with customers'love in the years to come.