Exigo Recycling: Providing Sustainable & Environment-Friendly Recycling Practices

Preeti Tiwari,Manager - Communication & Sustainability

Preeti Tiwari

Manager - Communication & Sustainability

Several studies conclude that majority of Indian firms do not have any proper mechanism to recycle the end-of-life equipments. Moreover, they face utmost difficulties in the process of take-back and disposal of e-Waste as they involve various kinds of products, people and enterprises, extensive areas, and long time span. This is where the Exigo Recycling’s WEEEpack solution builds a continuum between collection and disposal of the e-Waste. This highly modular packaging solution can be bought from Exigo’s website that can then be converted into a 48*48*48*48 square box to be used for storing e-Waste one generates. Once full, the QR code on the box is scanned and sent to the company via WhatsApp for booking a pickup, which are then bought to the facility where these wastes are dismantled and recycled or disposed off in a complied way. A certificate of recycling upon completion of the process is also issued to the clients.

Emphasizing on Zero Waste
Exigo specializes in portable circuit boards(PCBs)recycling and offers simple, straightforward, transparent and sustainable ways to recycle and manage electronic assets to help businesses toadopt
sustainable and environment-friendly responsible recycling practices. Its state-of-the-art plant (blend of mechanical /hydro metallurgical /Pyro metallurgical operations)is equipped with European machinery for the size reduction, segregation & pulverization of waste and collection of precious metals. The plant recovers up to 98 percent of products (via in-built melting refining) and disposes the remaining waste through TSDF. Additionally, the firm associates with logistic partners across PAN India to gather all kind of wastes and become a one-stop e-Waste recycling service provider by delivering a comprehensive disposal service based on client’s requirement. “We are authorized by the State Pollution Boards & Govt. of India to safely collect, transport, dismantle, segregate & dispose e-Waste. We currently manage 6000MT waste per annum,” adds Preeti Tiwari, Manager - Communication & Sustainability, Exigo.

Exigo specializes in portable circuit boards recycling and offers simple, straightforward, transparent and sustainable ways to recycle and manage electronic assets

In India, currently informal to formal transfer of e-Waste is unprofitable. Exigo is breaking this stereotype by adding more informal sector partners to collect & channelize e-Waste to its recycling operations as a part of fulfilling e-Waste material obligations of producers. The firm aims to utilize
the mandatory budget allocation by producers under the EPR guidelines 2016 as a subsidy tool to make the informal to formal transfer of e-Waste. In fact, it introduces Green Underwriting Services to provide end-to-end EPR solutions to producers /manufacturers starting from consultancy, managing inventories, creating awareness initiatives (PAN India) to scaling EPR authorization, filing returns and meeting e-Waste obligations on behalf of them by collecting the waste from the market and recycling it.

Data is the new oil. Hence Exigo has developed mobile & portable shredding machines that provides clients with the option of destroying their data bearing media like hard drives, back-up tapes and other within their premises whereas bulk & prototype data is transported through a highly secured GPS-enabled sealed vehicle to the facility where these wastes are unloaded and demolished in presence of the client’s representative. The company also offers prototype destruction for prototype electronic equipments. Its portable shredding service The entire disposing process is recorded and shared with clients for their future compliance /security use, providing them the complete peace of mind. On the other hand, Exigo’s recycling information management system uploads the process data on real time, which the clients can access using their distinct user id and password. Banking on such unique feature offerings, Exigo is eyeing 150 percent revenue growth this year and plans to establish 4-5 e-Waste management facility across the country to counter the geographical wide-spread of its clients.