Evergreen Recyclekaro: Providing Responsible e-Waste Management, Back-Lifted by a Robust Recycling Infrastructure

Undeniably, the industrial revolution followed by the advances in information technology and frequent innovations during the last century have radically changed people's lifestyle, spurring the economic growth. But, the loopholes in this development have caused a negative impact on both the environmental and human health. The way in which computers, televisions, stereos, copiers, fax machines, electric lamps, cell phones, audio equipment, batteries and others have got incorporated into our personal & professional lives cannot be ceased. Well, the reuse, refurbish & recycling of these products in an environmentally sound manner can be done so that they are less harmful to the ecosystem.

Environmentally Committed
Addressing this context, Navi Mumbai based, takes the unswerving responsibility towards creating a safe and clean environment by recycling & reprocessing all types of e-Waste, paper waste, and plastic waste in a very eco-friendly way. Unlike most of the so called ‘recycling service’ providers who actually are mere ‘traders’ (who buy & sell e-Waste), Evergreen Recyclekaro owns a robust recycling infrastructure, spanning across 4000 square feet in Wada, Maharashtra. An ISO 9000: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 & R2 (Responsible Recycler) certified company, Evergreen Recyclekaro is also authorized by the Central Pollution Control Board.

The company’s recycling process is quite systematic, which involves the identification of types of waste, which is made to go through processes like magnetic separation, shredding, polarization, dispensing, crushing and others in a state-of-the-art facility. Post this, by applying the latest technologies and utilizing the latest machineries imported from countries like Germany, China & others, the appropriate data are collected from these e-Wastes and supplied to the clients complied with Form-13 and Form-6
certificates. “We think that there should not be any waste left that could harm the environment. So in the process of recycling the e-Wastes, we first focus on extracting the rare metals and ores from the electronic waste so that the same can be reused without having to extract it from the natural sources”, poises, Shubhranshu Srivastava, Operations Manager, Evergreen Recyclekaro.
Rajesh R. Gupta, Founder,Shubhranshu Srivastava, Operations Manager
Currently, Evergreen Recyclekaro is all set to launch India’s first lithium battery recycling plant in Wada. The hydrometallurgy plant that facilitates lithium battery packaging has a capacity of 2000 MT annually. Doing this on a very large scale, RK has set an extensive collection network across the country with more than 1200+ touch points, comprising of a mix of more than 250 corporate clients (Infosys, RBDI, Bark, GAIL and other MNCs), schools & colleges, Government institutions and residential areas, where it is procuring e-Waste online ( app) & offline. The company also provides training and digital insights to consumers about the importance of recycling.

We first emphasise on extracting the rarer metalsand ores from the electronic waste so that the same can be reused without having to extract it from the natural sources

Plans Ahead
Entrenched in 2010, Evergreen Recyclekaro today is one of the leading one-stop-shop CSR e-Waste management partner, employing over 30-50 daily workers, and owns a warehouse in Rabale, Mumbai. Relishing 100 percent revenue growth every year, Evergreen Recyclekaro aspires of becoming an Rs.1000 crore company in the next five years. “Many people in India do not know the importance of recycling. So, we continue to create awareness through our campaigns like 'Go Green, Ganesha', and 'Recycle Karo, Zimmedar Bano',” concludes Shubhranshu.