Eureka Forbes: Secure your Home with an Alert, Advanced & Agile Security System

Marzin R Shroff, ,MD & CEOThe failure of conventional security measures to safeguard our home have resulted in increased property related crimes in India by 22 percent (NCRB). Today, customers look for reliable, convenient and easy to install, operate and maintain smart home security systems. With a promise to make every customer ‘Secure for Sure’, Eureka Forbes brings breakthrough home security technologies under its brand Eurovigil. From last 20 years, Eurovigil is crafting products based on customer needs and striving to enhance towards technology evolution.

One-of-a-kind Solutions
Being designed by India's best security experts, Eurovigil's security systems promise quality that lasts and is convenient to install. Eurovigil's unique 360 degree 4D Home Security Solutions focus on four key levels of security: Display (Video Door Phone with night vision and weather proof technology), Deter (Access Control System),Detect (Intrusion Alarm System - IAS) and Discover (CCTV) to keep home safe from any kind of intrusion. Its IAS solution is a combination of security sensors connected to the control panel which is the brain behind the system that senses
any break-in via doors/windows and sends a message to the main control panel. This in turn triggers to hooter and sends a message to Eurovigil Monitoring Station (EMS - a centralized monitoring station) an alert, which acts as a deterrent to the intruder and intimates EMS and subsequently to customers. It even warns the customers in case of fire or gas leak.

Being designed by India's best security experts, Eurovigil’s security systems promise quality that lasts and is convenient to install

The wireless Eurovigil Home Automation products are made in Europe, while the components pass QA testing rigorously for Indian conditions. Built on ZWave+ technology, its components are inbuilt with fuse, and powerful antenna at the fascia makes solution much simpler even on power fluctuations and can even obtain voice commands through Amazon and Google devices as well. On the other hand, the lifestyle automation products provide automated, one-touch control over a wide range of home fixtures and appliances in the entire home, at the touch of a button.

A Promise to Quality
Being ISO 9000-2008 certified, Eurovigil's CCTV, ACCESS products even comply with BIS standards. Every Eurovigil product carries UL, CE,FCC and ROHS certifications, and hence trusted by 10+ million customers in over 100 cities and 450
smaller towns. The company is renowned for its exemplary customer service through its 1100 service partner and 5800 trained technicians,spread across all major Indian cities and towns. Pioneer and trendsetter in direct selling, Eureka Forbes deploys the globally 'tried and tested' method for marketing its products and today is one of the largest direct selling companies internationally. Its highly dedicated direct sales team addresses every customer’s concern personally and even goes on to demonstrate the operations of the system. “Our breakthrough technology, commitment on quality, in-house installation, and technical & service support, ensures our dedication towards customer-centricity,” avers Marzin R Shroff, MD & CEO, Eureka Forbes.

The Avaya Global Connect Award for Best Customer Responsive Company (The Economic Times) is a testament to its customer servicing. “A two-way strong communication channel is the essence of ensuring customer satisfaction, focusing on the company’s vision and accelerating the product development. We have tie-ups with leading global companies for all our security products and we ensure that these products are customized as per Indian consumer needs and conditions,” says Marzin. This 1982-founded company now aims to increase the number of women employees in the frontline operations and implement a different sales model for them while addressing their challenges in the door-to-door selling business.