Esto Internet: Avant-garde Customized Internet Services for Complex Requirements

Rahul Makhija, Co-founder

Rahul Makhija


The keystone for success as an ISP is delivering reliable and unswerving services in a dynamic market. But, most SMEs attempting to bank on this market, typically lack the infrastructure and technical expertise to deliver inventive solutions that would address the unique requirements of their clients economically. Esto Internet, which received its ISP license in 2014, stands apart from this crowd by providing distinctive solutions to client’s unique problems, whether it is providing connectivity among geographically diverse offices with shared internet plan, bringing a corporate’s ERP online with very low latency & jitter or turning a college campus into a fully WiFi enabled one. . In fact, Esto was the first service provider to introduce FTTH and 100Mbps speeds in its service areas. But, what really sets it apart from its competitors is its lowest fault rate & lowest resolution time.

The company conducts training to keep its 50 members strong technical team updated with the
new findings from the R&D department as they have to be technically astute to cater to these demands. As a direct result of its eagerness to test and adopt new technologies, Esto has setup a laboratory to probe for ways to improve their service quality and user experience. Instead of hastily adopting a new technology that can potentially impair the user experience, Esto tests the technology first and launches it into the production network, if the results are promising. For example, besides increasing bandwidth, the company’s network also chooses the perfect route for a specific destination on the internet to accelerate the speed of connectivity. “Everybody is short on time, and Esto counts milliseconds.” Says Rahul Makhija, Co-founder, Esto Internet.

Esto tests the technology first and launches it into the production network only if the results are promising

The company offers internet leased line with symmetric and unshared bandwidth along with multiple other services like broadband Internet, Industrial WLAN, security solutions and network integration. As Esto strongly believes that it's the ISP’s responsibility to save clients from network security attacks,it renders
immediate solutions to counter them. With its technical expertise, Esto internet has been able to mitigate even complex attacks such as DDoS. The company provides 24x7 technical support and just about 100 percent uptime to its clients by backingup everything - upstream links, routers & tech-support personnel.

The Route traversed & the Route forward

Though Rahul has never been to collage, he has sound knowledge of IP networks, which propelled him to embark on this venture along with Manish Kumar (Director) as a channel partner of TCL (Tata Communications Limited). Today the duo’s determination and innovative mindset has elevated Esto to a higher echelon, where it has TCL as its client (serving their last mile deliveries) along with Himachal Industry Department, Ayurveda Hospital, Alkem Group, Sarvotham Care, GPI Textiles and thousands of subscribers in Chandigarh’s geographically small service area. The company’s dedicated service has not only helped it to expand its presence to Baddi & Panipat, but also to grow its revenue at an impressive rate of 50 percent year-on-year for the last two fiscal years. The company is in talks with other telecom operators for their last mile deliveries, which would further boost its revenue. Looking forward to its class A license from telecom department, Esto will soon augment its services nationwide in the near future.