Equip Kids: Creating Emotional Connect Between Parents & Children

Dr. Sandeep Kelkar,Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Sandeep Kelkar

Founder & Managing Director

Many a times, parents’ busy lifestyle results in increased anger level, aggressiveness & stress; hampering parenting & emotional bond and consequently impacting the relationship with their children. Equip Kids, an enterprise of Equipoise Learning, facilitates parents with effective strategies to resolve concerns & issues of parenting and create an emotional connect between them. Equip Kids, an ISO 9001-2015 certified emotional intelligence research & training organization has conducted more than 500 programs/modules & 1000 counselling sessions helping parents become more aware about the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The company provides guidance to parents and other care givers for all age groups, right from newborns to adolescents and beyond.

Well Crafted Training Modules
A well-crafted four-prong approach with comprehensive scientific programs & counseling modules for parents, teachers, professionals & children of all age groups are research based, and systematically & meticulously designed. The company not just provides guidance to parents
through one-on-one counseling or group workshops but also provides experiential learning in scientifically designed Emotion-Lab. Parents are interviewed about the concerns & issues, post which the assessment process is carried out by the experts through EQ testing & parental style questionnaires. Experts (a group of postgraduates in pediatrics, psychology & human development) draw conclusion and reach out to the problems/issues. Generally, the issues are the result of some ineffective strategies used by parents during parenting or some skills which are underdeveloped in the child. If required, the child is interviewed separately to assess his/her emotional side.

"Equip Kids not just provides guidance to parents through one-on-one counseling or group workshops but also provides experiential learning in scientifically designed Emotion-Lab"

Facilitating parents with novel and effective scientific strategies, the company helps adults integrate the skills of emotional intelligence in their interactions with children, making the programs highly effective. Equip Kids also coach children with the missing EQ skills through an experiential hands-on activity module once or twice a week in the Emotion Lab, followed by the follow-up sessions held after 2-3 weeks to get a feedback on change and the next action plan. Catering to the needs of parents visiting the centre with either some concerns or with no concerns at all, just for building their own & children’s EQ, the company has crafted Unique Mental Health Pathway training

Making modules more effective and globally applicable, programs like PsychVac & Emotional First are designed with inputs taken from world renowned parenting and EQ research & training modules. To create optimal learning environment, licensed version of all training & coaching material is used, based on latest brain science. Moreover, to spread awareness regarding concepts of EQ, parenting and child psychology, the company holds a big festival of emotions for free. To decipher information to the masses so that children at large are benefited, the company has its highly rated informative website, writes articles in various magazines & newspapers, and conducts monthly educational level events & EQ cafes.

Future Roadmap
Making its presence felt at international arenas, Equip Kids is invited as a 'Preferred Partner' in India by six-seconds, a global leader in the field of EQ. It is also certified to do globally validated assessments in EQ, parenting styles & psychometric testing. “We also get referrals for evaluation of developmental disorders in children like ADHD, autism & learning disability,” asserts Dr. Sandeep Kelkar, Founder & MD at Equip Kids. Intending to reach to one lakh families in next five years, the company will launch new programs like sports EQ coaching, pre-marital EQ coaching, & soon start another program called ‘Mindfulness Training Course for Children, Teens & Adults’. Equip Kids recently launched its new enterprise Equip Corp to integrate EQ into business organizations.