Envitro Laboratories: The Cynosure of F&B Testing Delivering Precise & Prompt Laboratory Results

Sunil Ranchhodbhai Sangani,MD & Technical Manager

Sunil Ranchhodbhai Sangani

MD & Technical Manager

After consolidating statute for food safety and regulation, FSSAI announced the launch of hygiene plus rating system on World Food Safety Day to access quick restaurants, food chains and joints on several parameters and promote consumer awareness on health safety. While fraudsters causing adulteration are in panic, F&B testing companies are playing significant role in coordinating with the government for sanctioning food safety compliance certifications. A key player topping this role is Rajkot-based Envitro Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., a leading food & beverage testing company providing consultancy and personal assistance to customers after completion of testing and analysis.

Laurelled with IEDRA award, 2011-established Envitro has created separate laboratory for testing oils, fats and oil seeds, another solely for water, waste water and solid waste, laboratory for spices & condiments only, laboratory for grains & seeds only, and laboratory for soil & water testing, but providing all these testing facility under one roof. The company provides a wide range of testing services for Soil, Food, Beverages, Fertilizers, Agri Commodities, Pesticides, Hydraulic Oils and Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Products testing.
Envitro predominantly offers milk quality and adulteration testing (same day), highly accurate water analysis, soil and water testing for irrigation and excels in Aflatoxins testing of peanut products.

Our main focus is food testing for common man, analysis of soil/water and fertilizers for farmers and environmental pollution analysis for preserving Indian ecosystem

Under the aegis of Sunil Ranchhodbhai Sangani (MD & Technical Manager), Envitro specializes in training food industries’ personnel for performing basic Physical, Chemical & Microbiological testing in-house and provides virtual testing reports for faster and affordable delivery. Skilled in multi-disciplinary testing, in-house experts caters to all class of customers and delivers testing reports in region-specific Gujarati language for needy populace’s clear understanding.

All in One, One for All
Envitro adheres to ISO 17025, ISO 9001:2015 & AGMARK for laboratory management, quality management and grading & testing laboratory respectively. For method analysis validation, it follows norms as per Indian Standards like BIS, AOAC Manual and APHA Manual. All the products are tested via advanced techniques including HPLC, FTIR, GC with multi detectors, U.V. Visible Spectrophotometer and technologies like auto Kjeldahl distillation system, Brookfield viscometer, Lovibond tintometer, Lovibond BOD Oxidirect and Digital Refractometer. “We have microbiology lab with in-built
Handling Unit for error free testing in microbiological analysis,” adds Sunil.

Since consumers have no clear understanding for product testing, Envitro conducts personal meetings to render complete guidance. Only after thorough understanding of clientele needs, the team of 15 pros delivers best solutions for quality output with high precision. Meanwhile, the company proffers assistance on testing parameters as per FSSAI norms for food testing & water testing, crop requirements for fertilizers in soil testing, FCO norms for fertilizers and pollution control board norms for water, waste water and solid waste.

With innovation on-board, Envitro devised Enzyme-blend products for making Rotis softer, Khakhara crunchier and other Maida products along with developing technology for packaged Thepla (Gujarat Spiced Chapati) with shelf life of up to two months when stored at room temperature.

Profound Preservation Prospects
Recording a revenue turnover of Rs.100 lakh annually, Envitro envisions achieving double this revenue by 2020 and five times the present turnover by 2023, due to commercial advertisements and services marketing by advance systems. The company has blueprints ready for procuring food analysis advance technologies like LCMSMS, GCMSMS, ICP-OES and IC systems by receiving grant from APEDA, MOFPI, and other government agencies.

Elucidating on Envitro’s mission, Sunil concludes, “Our main focus is food testing for common man, analysis of soil/water and fertilizers for farmers and environmental pollution analysis for preserving Indian ecosystem by developing an exclusive platform for human health and natural resource preservation”.