Envirocare Labs: A Perfect Blend of Traditional & Modern Analytical Techniques

Dr. Nilesh S. Amritkar,Managing Director

Dr. Nilesh S. Amritkar

Managing Director

Nearly 13 percent of the 2.4 lakh product samples of various food items had failed laboratory tests since 2011 (FSSAI). This statistic exhibits that analysis of food demands development of more robust, efficient, sensitive, and cost-effective analytical methodologies to guarantee additional safety, quality, and trace ability of foods in compliance with legislation and consumers’ demands. Besides, consumer awareness is on the rise with the increasing public concern on the quality of food, which also emphasizes on the current need of advanced analytical techniques to face all these demands. Having identified the need of the hour, the Thane-headquartered Envirocare Labs has come up with the perfect blend of traditional and modern analytical techniques to render accurate and prompt laboratory testing services in the area of food testing, water testing and environment monitoring. It is a one-of-its-kind laboratory that offers testing, consultancy, inspection and training at an affordable cost, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Envirocare specializes in development & validation of analytical methods and involves close scientific interaction to carefully assess the specific needs of the customer before proceeding
with designing of the protocol for each method development & its validation and quality checks. Apart from routine chemical, microbiological and pathogen testing, this front runner in analytical testing conducts assessment for nutrition labeling, shelf life studies, sensory evaluation, adulteration, export products, toxic substances, pesticide & drug residues, fatty acid profile, metal contaminants, meat specification, GMO, allergens, additives, preservatives & antioxidants. Additionally, Envirocare also carries out various other analysis & testing of alcohol & non-alcoholic beverages, animal feeds, milk & dairy products, honey, bakery, tea & coffee items, ready to eat, and fresh & processed fruits & vegetables to name a few. “We are committed to every sample tested and service extended, so as to contribute directly or indirectly to value addition in the business of our customers,” affirms Dr. Nilesh S. Amritkar, Managing Director, Envirocare Labs.

Envirocare is a one-of-its-kind laboratory that offers testing, consultancy, inspection and training at an affordable cost, ensuring complete customer satisfaction

Ensuring Quality
Its state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary chemical- microbiological-instrumentational -mechanical testing labs render prompt delivery of unambiguous results and reports at an affordable cost. Moreover, the installation of LabRadar LIMS software enables quick throughput, integrity and data security. In the interest of consumer safety, the lab
acquires certification and recognition from all leading national and international regulatory bodies (NABL, FSSAI, EIC, APEDA, ISO, OSHAS, GAFTA and others). Brand equity established over four decades, quality assurance through best of laboratory accreditations, faster throughput of samples and affordable services has made Envirocare Labs the preferred choice of customer worldwide. The company has earned this identity by continuous delivery of value via commitment, service and trust.

Envirocare Labs has demonstrated continual expansion of its central and satellite labs, as well as workforce, to further enhance its ethnical competency and customer outreach on a PAN India and global basis. Going forward, it has empaneled with World Bank and as 3P Lab with many multinationals to fulfill its mission of attaining & sustaining total quality by developing habits of doing 'first time right’ and ‘on time & every time’. The company is well represented on various technical boards, scientific panels, committees and sub-committees of government, industry, academics and also trade & consumer associations.

Besides, Envirocare Labs proffers customized technical training in various analytic testing courses to boost the knowledge and skills of youth, moving towards Skill India. Envirocare is IGNOU program study center for PG Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management and is also a recognized training partner for FSSAI FoSTaC initiative across all food business operations. “We always demonstrate our commitment to our stakeholders, statutory compliance, R&D, innovation, quality of life and in turn to enriching the economy of our nation and our world,” concludes Dr Nilesh.