Envicare Solutions: Providing Sustainable & Affordable Solutions for Wet Waste

Vivek Kumar Patel, Managing Director
Vivek Kumar Patel,Managing Director

The stringent revision of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) Rules in 2016 has mandated the requirement of in-house waste management facility for all the complexes generating more than 100 kg of waste/day and every new development with 20,000+ sq. m. built area. Moreover, the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in 2014 by Indian government also created awareness, among populace about waste management. These two measures widened the horizon for new innovations and initiatives in waste management industry. Foreseeing this opportunity to permeate the crater in the Indian solid waste management system soon after the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and revised MSW rule was Ahmedabad-based Envicare Solutions – an organic waste management & environmental solutions company. With a motto ‘I care for an Environment’, the company provides sustainable solutions for daily waste generated in the ecosystem wherein under a single umbrella, it renders solutions for an individual family to Municipal Corporation.

Being home to the country’s best centralized & decentralized waste management facility, Envicare manufactures & supplies different variants of composting machineries & plants and material recovery facility unit, thereby
converting bulk MSW (dry, wet,organic & biodegradable wastes) into zero waste. This 2016 founded company empowers consumers to sell their dry waste to scrap dealers, and generate revenue and decompose their wet waste by using its composting products within their premises while preventing them from dumping their garbage into spare land. It is the only Indian company that handles solid waste ranging between 2 kg to 50 tons/day and develops seven different types of composting machines. This in-turn gives Envicare an edge over its competitors. Besides being a composting machineries manufacturer, the firm functions as a service provider for distinct fields of waste management activities including consulting and microbiological service support.

"Envicare stands out amidst the flood of waste management companies by providing a specially designed fully automatic composting machine and de-watering composter"

Client-Efficient Approach
Before providing any solution, the venture not only educates clients about waste management/composting to better understand their requirements, but even showcases them its wide range of composting products, giving them an opportunity to select best solution according to their need & budget. Envicare stands out amidst the flood of waste management companies by providing a specially designed fully automatic composting machine and de-watering composter, which are capable of reducing maximum waste volume (via mechanical & microbiological process), systematically managing moisture in aerobic waste and performing proper composting without any odor, giving client the maximum comfort. The aforementioned
innovative approach and products bestow end-users with most convenient way to implement waste management solutions. “People desire for effective waste management solutions after segregation and we tried our best to bring most effective compost solutions for them in terms of comfort, capital investment, revenue generation and zero waste management,” avers Vivek Kumar Patel, Managing Director, Envicare.

Alongside, its patent product Ecofriendly (S) Heavy Duty Composter is designed to benefit the needs of industries. For maximum client satisfaction, this ISO 900:14001 certified company performs various quality checks, initial inspection and trial of all manufactured machineries & tools before their dispatch from warehouse and installation at client’s site with the aid of a dedicated quality team. Having pioneered and already completed 100 waste management solution installations (covering 21 states & UT), Envicare has done projects with clienteles including government organizations, corporates, hospitals, hotels and many more. For instance, the company has recently installed seven zero waste management plants in seven different beaches of India (Ministry of Tourism) and one automatic composting plant with 20 tons capacity/day (Mumbai Municipal Corporation).

Clearly growing its revenue in double digits, Envicare envisions to increase its footprint (manufacturing units) across the Indian cities and serve globally (Africa, South America, Gulf and Eastern Asia). It also plans to launch new business vertical for microbiological solution. To accomplish the same, the company is currently looking for investors.