Electronics Bazaar: Revolutionizing Refurbished Realm with Exceptional Products of Increased Computing Power

Sharad Khandelwal, Founder & CEO

Sharad Khandelwal

Founder & CEO

Statistics states that an estimated Rs.56200 crore worth of unused goods is hoarded in most urban dwellings, of which a good share is bagged by electronic stock; thanks to the thriving consumerism and throwaway incomes. A quick peek into the psychology of consumers exposes (through a recent survey), that a 75 percent of review population portrays an active bend toward procuring refurbished electronics while 94 percent already own it. Adding icing to the cake were few government initiatives of developed nations to promote refurbished market through mandating public schools and government institutions to equip only refurbished products. Such is the elephantine impact revolutionized by the refurbished industry around the globe. Accelerating this escalation is an experienced IT virtuoso turned refurbisher, Electronics Bazaar(EB)- a seasoned electronics solution aimed at empowering customers toward an increased computing power through exceptional products at reasonable rates.

E-Defining ElectronicDistribution
Ventured by Sharad Khandelwal(Founder & CEO)in 1997, EB boasts of two decades IT industry expertise, enabling it to make technology more affordable to
masses by pursuing its manifesto of e-defining the distribution structure. A certified refurbisher endowing the most promising process, EB not only facilitates highest savings and lowest failure rates(taking uncertainties out of refurbished hardware) but also works for extending the device lifecycle for reducing the carbon footprints. Being a one-stop-solution, EB endows a vast variety of IT hardware and software solutions, installation and disposition services, financing, logistics help, and much more. It also extends financial support to select key account customers along with free-door-step delivery. An expert logistics team enables the company to accommodate multiple locations under tight deadlines, delivering international standard packaging (accessories & software included) with minimum wear and tear.

Revered as the only Indian brand purveying refurbished products to the grade ‘as good as new’, EB renders world-class laptops and mobiles phones with a sleek look

Revered as the only Indian brand purveying refurbished products to the grade ‘as good as new’, EB renders world-class laptops and mobiles phones with a sleek look and good feel and minimal cosmetic or technical issues. Its sundry buying pattern incorporating B2B, B2C, and retail and institutional allows it to acquire a multitude of products mustered from a myriad of reliable brands, rendering both
consumer and commercial models in bulk quantity. Assuring value for money, the company mines goods at competitive prices and supplies its retailers with brand new look finish products at cut-price rates, helping them extract better margins.

Grand Bazaar for Refurbished Brand
A stamp of quality is synonymous to a smile on customers’ face; reverberating this EB draws rigorous inspection process amalgamated with advanced technology to ensure that nothing but the best reaches the customers. Following a defined process flow chart and well managed inventory management software, the company makes it easy to store, locate, and dispatch the bar coded devices instantaneously. It exercises an entry-level screening, incoming and outgoing quality control, restoration to working condition and erasing the OS, and a final burning test at quality check department, prior to shipping. Further, all the waste generated is disposed of using e-Waste recyclers.

Being a Microsoft Authorized efurbisher, EB devises a warranty of one year for laptops(i3 and above) and six-month for mobile phones. It partners with 3PP service providers for embarking a seamless customer service experience to its PAN-India clientele. It is sketching the establishment of its US operations laying equal emphasis on strengthening and expanding its international business. “Nurturing an adept team with proficient in-house training, we are poised at becoming the best refurbishing brand in India with a minimum 30 percent market share,” concludes Sharad.