DGauzz: Affordable & Reliable Refurbished Computing Solutions with World-Class Repair & Restoration

Yatheesh Naliyamanda, Managing Director

Yatheesh Naliyamanda

Managing Director

Sustaining in an era with energy efficient computers that consumes lesser power, it would be ironic to comprehend that 6400 megajoules of energy and 573 pounds of fossil fuel go into the making of one desktop computer. Statistics also divulge that 70 percent of the energy expended by a laptop in its lifetime is used in its manufacturing, hence, with each new laptop there is an adding together in carbon footprint. Pausing suchlike phenomena, the technology mogul Microsoft derived a proposition of promoting refurbished computers through its initiative- Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), aimed at empowering a sustainable future. Taking forward this mission is DGauzz- India’s first and largest Microsoft refurbisher partner rendering reliable computing solutions at reasonable rates to individuals (students and professionals) as well as organizations (education institutes and small businesses).

Purveying Products with Peerless Performance
Dawned as a world-class repair & restoration center, DGauzz exercises a level three repair facility using state-of-the-art ESD Compliant machines (BGA machines) and skilled engineers who certify and
restore the computing systems to original factory-standard quality performance. It caters to large OEMs as well as System Integrators in India succoring them save cost and reduce e-waste. A true friend in need to the chic generation that constantly upgrades to different computing needs from time to time, DGauzz revolutionizes the concept of second-hand, purveying products with a performance as good as the new ones. It ensures that every machine refurbished by the company reaches the audience with the latest copy of Genuine Microsoft Operating Systems, enabling customers to get regular updates and maintain their machines safely.

Dawned as a world-class repair & restoration center, DGauzz exercises a level three repair facility using state-of-the-art ESD Compliant machines and skilled engineers

“My sizeable squad of CAD Designers was looking for high-performance laptops with a specific budget in mind. The staff at DGauzz not only reviewed our existing laptops, they identified and exceeded the configuration requirements that I needed,” delights Vinod Shamanna (CEO, Axis Architecture & Interior Design) elucidating his elation at the extremely low prices and the diligent services provided by the company. Fulfilling many such promises, DGauzz delivers its services under three segments; supply excess
laptops to help OEMs and distributors give away their excess inventory of brand new machines, refurbish factory seconds laptops to manage returned machines which are repaired, certified, and sold. Lastly, it also endows pre-owned refurbished desktops and laptops to ease the environmental concerns like pollution and energy consumption by collecting used machines from corporates and others for refurbishment and selling.

Empowering Communities, Encouraging Individuals
Adhering to ESD compliances, DGauzz follows stringent processes in refurbishing machines, giving an extended life to computing products and also offers a standard brand warranty of three months, following which the customers can opt for an extended warranty of one or two years at additional cost. The company devises a try and buy policy to SMB customers along with a seven-day return policy. Mentored by Ravi Swaminathan, the pioneer in IT retail industry in India, DGauzz houses an exciting team of proficient professionals whose smart works are reflected in its rising revenue growth YOY.

Debuted in 2013, the Bangalore-born young company is growing up contemplating the need to increase India’s PC penetration from seven percent to 80 percent by offering authentic and affordable computing solution to 1.3 billion Indians. “We also strive to be actively engaged with enabling computing in rural India and aiding the underprivileged by encouraging eLearning in Government schools by providing them with laptops & desktops,” concludes Yatheesh Naliyamanda, Managing Director, DGauzz.