D-Espat: A Bespoke Design Hub with Fastest Product Build & Delivery Time

 Syed Mubasheer Ali,   DirectorCustomization coupled with swift production & delivery is what most product-based companies require today to standout amidst the competition. Answering this need of the hour is Chennai based D-Espat Pvt.Ltd.,a leading system integrator of customized battery solutions in India from past 15 years. D-Espat is eminent as a boutique design house with profound expertise in building industrial and military(air/marine) grade Lithium(Li) ion and Lithium polymer batteries. Right from concept till completion, including participation in product qualification & certification procedures, the firm stays in close touch with its clients. Practicing a proprietary inhouse method Battery Design for Manufacturing Optimization(BDMO), it ensures to build suitable Li batteries for client’s host equipment and also efficient for manufacturing & integrating into products which further promise large scale production.

Truly a Custom Design House
Syed Mubasheer Ali, Director, D-Espat, elucidates,“As a system integrator with unique capabilities, we tailor make the battery’s

As a system integrator withunique capabilities, we tailor - make the battery’s weight, volume and footprint in accordance with the client's device as it is crucial for their success

weight,volume and footprint in accordance with the client’s device, as it is crucial for their success”. Leveraging the know how to customize, rich field experience and the latest technology products from across the globe, D-Espat builds and delivers batteries for high performance products of its customers in the fastest duration unlike other system integrators in the industry. Besides, cross learning from customers and other industry experts, word of mouth publicity and above all, analyzing each product throughout its lifecycle has helped the firm to make great strides in battery development. Moreover, the firm takes pride in its in-house R&D capability being recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research(DSIR)since 2012.

Developing batteries that can sustain extreme weather conditions of India is no piece of cake, as it takes a really long time to approve a battery for such ambience operations. For instance, some strategic application batteries take almost four years for design,development, testing, qualification and final approval. Clearly, patience and perseverance
or almost 10 years in the industry. throughout the product build while finetuning its expertise specific to Indian ecosystem is what distinguishes D-Espat from its peers. So far, the firm has developed over 100 products, wherein most of them are solely for its customers with critical applications while the rest are for strategic applications of national interest. In fact, D-Espat has been entrusted as a supplier of these products of the Indian Government for almost 10 years in the industry.

Diverse Portfolio
With focus on building small transport vehicles for last mile connectivity since last six years, D-Espat has unveiled its Endura 330 electric car, which can travel for 467kms on a single charge of battery. This private purpose EV has been effectively used by people for the past 25 months. The firm has also proved its uniqueness by launching 400V Battery Management System for a bus/marine application not attempted before. The other marvels in its portfolio include electric tricycle battery, 10-seater shared auto certified by ICAT, and many more public transport vehicles in 8-16 seater configurations.

Syed concludes,“I believe that the continuous usage of electric fuel(Li-ion battery) is more efficient. We, as electric mobility advocates, are aspiring to become a company excelling in electric vehicles for public transport”. The company is also envisioning an accelerated growth in the upcoming years either through their product build or BDMO capability offering”.