DeskMoz: Rendering Cost-Effective 24x7 Live Chat Agents to Scale Sales & Support in No Time

Ashish Biyani & Nishant Singhvi,,Co-Founders
Ashish Biyani& Nishant Singhvi,

Acknowledging the fact that internet is the most cost-effective and easiest way to reach millions of customers today, every business is going online for better returns. But amidst this growing online penetration, generating the leads is an uphill task. There may be visitors on your website, but they might leave the site soon if the page is not user-friendly or if they don’t get the desired result for their queries. By real-time answering your visitors’ questions, you’ll make them initiate the contact by themselves. Aimed to bridge the gap in converting the visitors of a website to their buyers, DeskMoz is providing human Chat Agents for 24x7 Live Chat Support and Sales Leads Generation services that enable companies to reach out to their online visitors and communicate directly with them in real time. “We are striving towards enhancing the capabilities of our valuable clients from every resource of our service. Our team is experienced in delivering exemplary customer support services and generating sales leads. DeskMoz is focusing keenly upon broadening the
perspectives in which our service could be made more personalized for our clients. DeskMoz is soon going to be a synonym to Chat Outsource,” Ashish Biyani, Co-Founder, DeskMoz said.

Partnered with Live Chat Inc., DeskMoz is a service company offering full chat support, which includes tailored Live Chat Agents as per business requirements. If you are looking for 24×7 Live Chat Operators, Email Management Service, Tickets-Management, DeskMoz is the perfect destination. They offer an advanced chat tool complementarily with the managed service. Company’s flagship offering - Economy Plan (50 chats for US$199/month) - adds a great value to the websites, which want to offer 24x7 support at affordable rates.

More than a decades’ hands-on experience in the domain easily allows DeskMoz to generate the maximum value by using the most advanced technologies for Chat Agents' knowledge management and critical data(sales leads, support tickets & chat transcripts) transfer. Nishant Singhvi, Co-Founder, DeskMoz emphasizes, “One of the key objectives of our business is to make other businesses easy. Keeping the objective in mind, we've pushed ourselves ahead in many ways such as 24x7 services, seamless personalization of service and technology, super flexibility, in-house Chat Agents(many competitors hire freelancers)and finally, high security for client data.” He shared one case study that well depicts
the efficiency of DeskMoz services: “One of our clients approached us to seek help for his extremely low visitor-to buyer conversion ratio. We embedded our chat widget on their website and deployed our professional Chat Agents on it to show visitors around. Within 48 hours, we got our Chat Agents completely trained and abreast with the minute details like the shipping status, new offers, discounts on that website etc. The learning kept nourishing along the way and soon the Chat Agents started giving recommendations to the visitors, the way a visitor needs in a brick and mortar store. With all their questions getting answered on real-time basis, more visitors started purchasing from their first visit only and clients begun to see a spurt in their visitor -to - buyer conversion ratio.”

Since more than 13 years, DeskMoz has been delivering highest quality customer support to clients from different industries like Education, E-commerce, Real Estate, Jewellery, Technology and Retail Business from the USA, the UK, India, Australia and other parts of the world. Some of the leading names in their 200 member client list include EvaChic, OpenBall and EMS Funeral Solutions in USA. DeskMoz is the result of the Ashish and Nishant’s research team and dedicated chat agents. Their time-served services and expertise in the field helped them achieve 15 percent growth in annual revenue. Going forward, company is expecting more businesses from the small businesses and start-ups while continue to provide superior quality services at the most affordable prices.