DesignString: Making Design a competitive advantage for tech-driven businesses

Yashawanth B M, Founder & CEO,Punith B M, Co-Founder CIO, Nikhil Nanu, Director & Chief Design Officer

Yashawanth B M

Founder & CEO

A high-octane and enterprising young entrepreneur, Yashawanth B M's desire to serve the tech-driven industry with sublime design solutions and products, paved the path for the establishment of DesignString ­ dedicated to not only sketching-out remarkable deigns, but promulgates about significance a well-crafted designs that substantiate and support the objective of entities engaged in technology products. The company endeavours to be a bridge that keeps technology and the user on the same page. Its chief role has been to design solutions to fit every defined business requirement. DesignString believes that design teams cannot work in silos instead of co-exists with product and technology teams. Design pair is an in-house approach that puts UX and UI skilled designers to work together on the same problem to come-up with exceptional design results. Other methods include Quantitative and Qualitative User Research, Design Sprints, Storyboarding, Prototyping, and Interaction design. "I started my career by interning for a service-based business and taking-up myriads of freelancing projects to build website & custom application. One thing led to the other and I realized my interest growing for front-end
development which I further thought to master both theoretically and practically. The apprehension, enthusiasm and the avidity of hold-up innovative design solutions inspired me to lay the foundation of DesignString to facilitate the design needs of tech-driven businesses," narrates Yashawanth, Founder & CEO, DesignString.

Advancing the Right Design-driven Products & Tools
The vocation of supporting the tech-driven businesses decipher complex technologies, and intending to be more of a mind-set business, DesignString put all of its effort in devising Amby, a SaaS-based product which is a continuous performance management suite, hinged on the OKR goal-setting framework. The software is built to help its users shape-up a result-driven team in spite of them being remote. The main motive of the product is to straighten-out strategies and executions that allow the concerns to align, focus, and ameliorate their plan of action. A section of the company focuses on developing bite-size insights - UXDECK, to craft-out apps and software that moulds-up the digital product team. It gives its viewers a good ride through the Basics of Internet, Laws of UX and Visual Designs. Other noteworthy innovations include 2 Figma plugins. To add-up, 5k designers use it in their day-to-day tasks.

In the light to shape-up the end in view concerning Design and Innovation, the prime mover made sure the company is backed by a proficient team. Fortunately, his brother Punith BM and colleague Nikhil Nanu made significant contribution to work-out this common endeavour. Each of them have taken individual responsibility of ministering the squad, which in fact was segregated into Design, Innovation and an overall team. Beyond doubt, the team of DesignString made ardent efforts to accomplish its objectives and take the business to a whole new level.

On its Onward Motion
Being a bootstrap firm, it is truly impressive to see DesignString take such striking steps forward. In a span of six years, the firm single-handedly raised revenue that poised around $2 million. Rooted in Bengaluru, it has served clients within the country and abroad, including the US and Europe. "We had the opportunity to work with clients from different domains, being a part of their early, growing & matured stages and helped them grow in a substantial manner," he avers.

For the future, DesignString has set plans to benefit its clients with multiple DesignOps, create an image in the Silicon Valley (San Francisco), ameliorate the present products and introduce a few more, expecting to grow into a million-dollar empire.