Datawise: Leveraging Deep Expertise in Data Analytics to Offer Additional Insights into Customer Feedback

Vinay Kumar,CEOCustomer feedback has become the touchstone to grade a company’s products/services. Linking customer feedback to the performance of the company is the new norm and companies are in need of deeper and more insightful feedback analysis than ever. Having been in the market long enough to muster the fact that no single tool can cover all facets of customer experience management, DATAWISE, a Hyderabad-based company, has created various products handling distinct aspects of customer feedback. The company’s expertise in data analytics takes its customers to enable the measurement of satisfaction levels, and equips them with actionable insights. “With our deep expertise in Data Analytics, we provide those additional insights that go well beyond graphical representations of information and assist in driving customer strategies,”says Vinay Kumar, CEO, DATAWISE. The company has been recognized as 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Companies in India by CIO Review for the years 2015/2016.

Individual Solutions for Individual Requirements
The swiftness and articulateness in responding to unfavourable feedbacks are crucial determinants of Customer Satisfaction. DATAWISE’s real-time feedback tool Satis ACTual is a unique, responsive Customer Satisfaction tool that
permits the setting up of trigger-based surveys as well as detection and plugging of negative responses. Apart from being user friendly, the tool provides real-time status update, automatic escalation, fully customized reporting and several others traits. Satis ACTual has been built based on feedback from the Quality departments of multiple companies in the Retail, Healthcare, Insurance/Banking, Energy, FMCG, and more.The tool responses to surveys are searchable, downloadable and even available 24x7.

DATAWISE unique feature of data collection using technology, eliminates human errors, and provides harmonized field survey data, unique surveyor & respondent identification, and mapping to a standardized database

DATTAB (remote survey tool) is designed to conduct customer surveys at remote locations and to accurately target customer needs based on the feedback received. Conceptualized as a platform to bridge the information gap, it also inculcates feedback validation mechanisms to avail credible responses through geo tagging for tracing locations accurately even when the feedback is taken from remote locations. Its unique feature of data collection using technology, eliminates human errors, and provides harmonized field survey data, unique surveyor & respondent identification, and mapping to a standardized database. Our flagship products Satis ACTual TM and DATTAB™
have become industry leaders in terms of technology use in the area Customer Experience.

The Other Weapons
Based on RATER framework for service quality which measures Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy and Responsiveness, ServQual is an analytical tool to measure service delivery performance and nullify the gap between expectation and perception of a service offering. While Customer Companies have embraced social media to reach out to their customers, many customers have also started using Social Media as a means of providing feedback to their Service Providers. With the increasing impact of social media, DATAWISE’s MEOW (Measuring Effectiveness of Online Wow – a social media feedback measurement tool) helps determine companies’ online presence using a customizable set of parameters and weights. To reduce replication of success achieved at a single location in other locations, Optilox creates a bench marked score that enables other locations to map their performance to the ideal one. Optilox helps the challenged retailer in optimization of their retail footprint, whether it is in terms of location, or buyer behaviour, or pricing, or footfalls.

Tackling Risk
As a corporate member of MRSI, and certified ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 27001 organization, DATAWISE adheres to the highest and most consistent standards for IT security,and reviews the risk of information security periodically. Having served over 80 clients from various industries, this 2003-founded company would upgrade itself in the coming days as an enterprise with new products to leverage data analytics inall industry sectors with automated solutions and cash the IoT revolution.