Data Entry Online Solution: An Epitome of Trust in Building Accurate & Efficient Database

B.Deepa Jayachandran,DirectorWith the evolution of data technology, the old school method of registering information has transformed into new-class information intelligence. In the race of aggressive competition & demanding customers, there is a dire need for innovative data management & computerization in business. Minimizing this goal-oriented path, Data Entry Online Solution (DEOS)provides operational efficiency, high-end flexibility & accuracy for real-time data management. The company proficiently delivers complex projects in summarized format while securing the confidentiality of the client’s data as well as trust. Having five years of industry experience, B.Deepa Jayachandran, Director, DEOS asserts, “Fulfilling & satisfying the data management demands of multiple people at the same time is a big challenge”. Optimization of data, steady focus, effectual planning & self-belief help her walk the path to success.

Precise Management of Database
Since delay in data processing
can risk the business revenue scale to losses, DEOS takes up the risk & responsibility of offering solutions centric to structuring, directing & storing company’s data precisely, both online & offline. Having extensive experience in converting scanned image file to text format in spreadsheet or word document under its image data entry service, the company also provides book data entry solutions to convert books & magazines into soft copy, thereby keeping pace with the advancement of internet technologies. Under the document data entry assistance, forms & other credentials are processed to create database for multiple industries like telecom,credit card, insurance, health care,loan and automobile. Alongside, the company conducts surveys with the client’s support to provide an accumulated database of customer feedback.

Proficient in offering legal data entry solutions for confidential configuration of information, unsurprisingly, DEOS has made data security an integral part of its methodology

Proficient in offering legal data entry solutions for confidential configuration of information, unsurprisingly, DEOS has made data security an integral part of its methodology. A master of data entry, DEOS sustains this
trust throughout the procedure. Provided that outsourcing services can be costly affair for companies, DEOS proffers end-to-end customized services that are cost-effective, highly reliable & improve the objective of data management. Its core focus lies on the optimum utilization of resources to maximize business efficiency. Adhering to deadlines in delivering work commitments, DEOS provides flexible assistance to its customers along with an ethical approach & work-oriented attitude. Regular upgradation of database, customized information, cost-effective methodologies & reliable techniques are used to keep intact the quality & efficiency of the services. Instead of omitting the previous data in the upgradation development, the new information is added to speed up the process & continue with the company’s flow.

Perk for Multiples
Catering to corporate houses & government organizations like Corporation of Chennai, JD Solutions, Buddy4Study, Brainy Skills, Save the Children, Vee2Care Academy, NEvents and many more, DEOS plans out the data arrangement of information as per client’s guidelines and splits it into categories to inscribe the right entry at right place. Apart from personalized & commercial web services (business, resume, portals, blogs & e-Commerce), DEOS also maintains its professional work culture through comprehensive training & assessments.