CyRAACS: Empowering Businesses with Cybersecurity Excellence

Suresh Iyer, Co-Founder & CEO,  Murari Shanker, Co-Founder & CTO

Suresh Iyer, Co-Founder & CEO

Murari Shanker, Co-Founder & CTO

The GRC services industry is witnessing global growth as organizations prioritize risk management and compliance. GRC solutions are adopted for risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency, with integrated platforms gaining popularity. Cybersecurity and data privacy are critical, driving the demand for comprehensive GRC solutions. The Indian market is expected to exceed 25 percent growth due to increased compliance oversight and privacy bill implementation. In the cyber security compliance landscape, challenges encompass adherence to diverse standards, ongoing audits, intensified regulations, lacking consolidated risk visibility, managing assessment issues, and tracking security requirement exceptions. In response, Cyber Risk Advisory and Consulting Services (CyRAACS), founded in 2017 by industry veterans Suresh Iyer and Murari Shanker, with nearly three decades of experience in various technology and security domains, offers robust cybersecurity solutions and tailoring services for seamless integration. CyRAACS started with just 20 handpicked consultants and now reached a mark of 150+ delivering best-in-class cyber security solutions across the globe.

CyRAACS ensures to meet customer expectations by being agile and nimble for SMEs, focusing on quality and timelines for enterprises. The company’s ethos of empathy, excellence, continuous learning, and a client centric approach ensures tailored solutions. The company has seen increasing demand for its Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Services, adapting to a wider range of risk-based approaches. Since its inception, CyRAACS has achieved leadership status, catering to diverse client portfolios with robust cybersecurity solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Improved Security Posture
CyRAACS specializes in offering comprehen
sive Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Services, catering to diverse client requirements. The firm’s services include Governance and Compliance Services, encompassing compliance needs related to information security and data privacy, providing a full suite of Compliance Life cycle services, and managing ThirdParty Risk Management programs. Additionally, CyRAACS offers Audit Services for independent assurance and consulting, Policy Management Services to set risk appetite and align policies with regulations, and Compliance Readiness services to prepare for various standards and frameworks. CyRAACS has developed an industry-leading GRC product, COMPASS, offering comprehensive solutions to address compliance challenges across all industries.With COMPASS, organizations can effectively tackle compliance issues, ensuring they are constantly audit-ready 24/7. “With a focus on addressing clients' unique needs, CyRAACS delivers tailored solutions for a wide range of risk management and compliance challenges in today's evolving business environment”, says Suresh Iyer, CEO & Co-Founder.

CyRAACS empowers businesses with robust cyber security solutions & simplified compliance management

CyRAACS sets itself apart by offering COMPASS, a comprehensive compliance management portal for diverse regulatory needs. COMPASS mainly focus on simplifying compliance challenges. CyRAACS being prominently a Cyber Security Service provider from its initiation, they understood the pain point of every client while they helped them build there ISMI Setup and comprehend these pain point needed Continuous tracking of items, Documentations, and automating the process, CyRAACS invested there resources for 2 years in developing the GRC Product which could successfully solve these issues - COMPASS (designed & built by consultant with years of audit and consulting experience).

CyRAACS allows businesses to create tailored frameworks while addressing evolving cyber threats. The platform's capabilities include security monitoring, proactive controls, incident response, and documentation, ensuring adherence to standards. Certified by CERT-In and backed by a skilled team with 150+ combined years of experience and diverse certifications, including CISSP and CISA, CyRAACS delivers credible, efficient, and secure solutions. Its track record of serving 750+ clients and delivered over 2000+ engagements, headquartered in Bangalore with branches in Mumbai & Dubai, adaptability to emerging technologies, and notable clientele like TATA Croma and Cloud Simpl underline CyRAACS' prominence as a trusted cybersecurity partner.

CyRAACS envisions becoming one of India's top 10 Cyber Security Consulting Companies, delivering high quality consulting and advisory services. CyRAACS plans to expand its portfolio by introducing new services, including SOC (Security Operations Center), and exploring geographic expansion. With ambitious growth targets of 75 crore in services and 200 crore in product sales over the next five years, CyRAACS is committed to advancing its position as a leading player in the cybersecurity industry.