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  • 10 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance Service Providers - 2023

    Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance Services Are Securing Your Investments There are the right ways to do things, and the wrong ways. When it comes to operating a business, compliance and risk management is key to ensure that you’re doing everything by the books and are able to avoid the negative consequences of breaking rules or regulations. Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization's capital, earnings and operations. These risks stem from a variety of sources, including financial uncertainties, legal liabilities, technology issues, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters. Difference between Compliance & Risk Management: Compliance is a reactive measure, as organizations...

10 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance Service Providers - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cyraacs Cyraacs Suresh Iyer, Co-Founder & CEO, Murari Shanker, Co-Founder & CTO The firm committed to provide best-in-class security consulting services in the areas of cybersecurity, data privacy, risk management, and technology, and compliance readiness services to prepare for various standards and frameworks
Emedlife Emedlife Rachit Khanna, CEO A company with focus on delivering claims management, risk management & insurance solutions across diverse areas, remaining committed to customers
Fintellix Fintellix Shailendra Mruthyunjayappa, President & CEO A leading provider of data analytics platform, supervisory technology, risk and regulatory reporting solutions, and advisory services to help the financial services industry navigate dynamic regulatory environment
Global Risk Consultants Global Risk Consultants Liyaquat Khan, Managing Partner The company committed in helping to identify, measure, source, prioritize and manage business, technology, political environment and all other types of related risks, putting ERM framework in practice and others
IARM Information Security IARM Information Security Rajanikanth Balaguru, Founder, Executive Director A company focusing on information security, delivers end to end enterprise information security services and solutions, specialized in risk assessment, breach response, compliance, cloud security, to name a few
MGB MGB CA. Amit Kumar Rai, Director - International Business Desk A multi-discipline full service firm providing services including assurance, governance &risk management, legal & secretarial compliance, customs & EXIM services, corporate finance, asset management, IT risk & cyber security and more
RiskBerg Consulting RiskBerg Consulting Rohit Agrawal, Founder & MD A company helps organizations identify and manage bergs of risk that may not be evidently visible to businesses in their transformation journey, specialized in digital risk management, enterprise risk management, IT risk management and more
Riskinsight Consulting Riskinsight Consulting Dinesh Pappen, President A company providing a wide range risk management consulting solutions including credit, market, liquidity ,enterprise and regulatory risk management
Riskpro Riskpro Manoj Jain, Founder and Director A firm providing services like enterprise risk management risk based internal audit, reputation risk, social media risk management, regulatory compliance consulting, financial risk management and many more
RMS ARC Insurance Brokers RMS ARC Insurance Brokers Krishnamurthi Kotha, Group Chief Financial Officer A service oriented organization with an aim to serve its clients, known in the industry for expertise in risk management services including risk inspection, insurance audit, policy administration, claims management and more