Cyber Cert: Adopting an FBI Investigation Ethodology to Solve Cases within Five Days

Tapan Kr. Jha & Riddhi Soral,   CEOsCybercrime is one of the biggest threats to humanity. Saving them from this discourse is an angeltask. Working on FBI Investigation methodology to investigate cyber frauds, data thefts, and other digital crimes is Kota based Cyber Cert. The company stands tall as a reliable partner offering high-quality computer forensic investigation services. Backed by strong cyber crime experts and technology, the firm uniquely blends industry benchmarking, international standards, robust process review and decades of industry experience to provide cyber forensic analysis services.

Right from its inception in 2010, Cyber Cert is exposed to a gamut of digital forensic services ranging from email spam & phishing, child sexual material, cyber bullying, online trading issues, debit/credit card frauds, unauthorized access, online identity theft and ransomware attack to legal adviser. “We collect around 20-30 cases daily worldwide through our website and render cyber crime forensic support to users, helping them to present their evidence in the court in a forensically sound manner,” professes Tapan Kr. Jha, CEO, Cyber Cert.

Cyber Cert has an exceptional management team (comprising of EC Council certified investigator, legal adviser, senior policemen and retired major & navy officers) with leaders like Tapan (renowned ethical hacker) & Riddhi Soral (CEO & Google certified Android app developer) who poses strong expertise in IT, development, cyber crime investigation and legal consultancy. The clever move to invest heavily by its research team to comprehend the instantaneous trends and anatomy of in depth data has given Cyber Cert an upper hand over its
peers. This unmatchable team rigorously performs research on already set investigation methods in order to solve cases faster with 100 percent accuracy. On the other hand, its First Responder Team collects all important evidences from crime scene, reducing the chance of leaving any vital evidences at the crime spot.

Cyber Cert aids enterprises to report cases & even check their case status real-time on its website, and get reports at their workstation

Technical Expertise
Leveraging its technical know how, the firm aids enterprises to report cases & even check their case status real-time on its website, and get reports at their workstation with the aid of personal computer forensics laboratory holding all license software. If required, clients can also associate with legal adviser & advocate inhouse. Unlike others, Cyber Cert strives to complete each case within stimulated time frame (within five days), wherein it compels stakeholders (banking system/police/advocates/ government officials) to process their request at the earliest by educating them about the importance of every evidence. Built on trust & integrity, the firm even signs NDA with clients and takes all necessary permissions from respective departments, prior taking any case.

Cyber Cert also has a separate software & Android application development company which develops inhouse software, enabling it to complete all tasks under one roof, for instance, ‘Women Safety App’(Suraksha 365) & ‘Kinder App’ (Kids App used for educating rural children). Alongside, Cyber Cert is on the mission to create Cyber Army for India, where it is already training students under two year academic program which covers software development, android app development, cyber security, networking, computer forensic, digital marketing, legal adviser with 30+ Live projects, who will help them in research works and support the country during Cyber War. “We have proposed this plan to our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and are waiting for their response. Meanwhile, we are extending our forensic lab capacity in order to handle worldwide cybercrime case and looking forward to partner with central government for providing cyber forensics services in all government departments,” concludes Tapan.