Copperpod IP: Leveraging Technology Expertise for Stronger IP Monetization & Litigation

Rahul Vijh,Co-Founder & Lead Consultant
Rahul Vijh
Co-Founder& Lead Consultant
In a market riddled with intense competition, Intellectual Property(IP) and especially patents could play a pivotal role in a business’ success. With companies looking to augment their revenues increasingly through patents and trade secrets, IP litigation and monetization have become a critical focus area for these companies and their outside counsel. However, most lack the technical skills /resources to determine whether and how a competitor is using the proprietary technology. Copperpod IP provides this techno-legal expertise particularly for patent litigation and licensing, helping clients formulate strong IP campaigns and ultimately achieve better monetary outcomes.

Strengthening Patent Monetization
Headquartered in Austin, Texas with a delivery centre in Chandigarh, India, Copperpod IP(owned by Carthaginian Ventures) was founded by seasoned technocrats, Rahul Vijh and Purva Sharma, who bring in over 10 years of experience of helping corporations and law firms strengthen their technical arguments during patent monetization and litigation.

Depending on unique requirements of each portfolio, the firm provides
end-to-end technical support during IP campaigns, including expert services such as reverse engineering, source code review and preparation of infringement charts. Their core expertise lies in telecommunications, electronics and software, and the firm is also actively ramping up its life sciences practice. The company’s core team has worked on over 100 patent campaigns and helped clients generate over $1 billion in court verdicts, settlements, and patent transactions.

" Depending on unique requirements of each portfolio, Copperpod IP provides end-to-end technical support during IP campaigns, including expert services"

Building Expertise through Human Capital
The legal industry has always suffered from a general scarcity of true technology experts. “The legal service provider landscape in India is pitted with a large number of vendors that brought the ITES/KPO ideology to the US/EU legal industry,” explains Rahul Vijh, Co-Founder, Copperpod IP. “Organizations often prioritize service and there is an attempt to build temporary expertise, most often through fresh/recent engineering graduates. Copperpod IP has adopted a markedly different path where it first focuses on building expertise in order to strengthen the services rendered,” he adds.

Copperpod IP’s foundation and true value is thus its team’s deep technical expertise on current and emerging technologies. “We are extremely cautious in hiring - with deliberately greater weight on
postgraduate degrees and research experience,” explains Rahul. This approach enables the company to build expertise even before talks are initiated with a potential client and thus builds client confidence right from the start.

Becoming Future Ready
The young company believes in strengthening its arsenal through constant learning and innovation – and answering client concerns at the speed of need. “Patent Quality remains a hotly debated topic in the legal community and a comprehensive model for judging patent strength continues has eluded patent engineers,” explains Rahul. Copperpod IP is currently working on one such model which they hope will redefine the industry standard for how corporations view, rank and triage patent assets.

“Our Patent Quality model fits in perfectly with our portfolio of services. It enables us to mine clients’ portfolios to identify the most monetizable assets with over 99.5 percent consistency – and our reverse engineering, source code review and infringement analysis teams evaluate technology products against those monetizable assets,” explains Rahul.

The model of course is only one of the various initiatives Rahul and his team have planned over the next couple of years. Their first and primary focus remains the same, regardless of whether they are working on a complex electronics litigation or mining a large portfolio – to provide right answers at the right time to help clients make the right decisions about their IP.