Controlism IT Solutions: Web Development 360 Degree

 Prashant Srivastava,     Co-Founder

Prashant Srivastava, Co-Founder

In the era of technology, every step taken forward will become backdated with the next innovation. Everyone has to walk hand in hand with technology and the digital world to stay ahead and compete. The Information Technology(IT) services sector that includes website development, mobile application development, online marketing and IT stuffing among several others is in high demand in the market. It gives one the opportunity for limitless research and exploration and gives one the chance to come up with newer ideas that have the capability to bring about a change in the state of beings. “Being from the IT Industry from the beginning I had a good understanding as to how IT industry works and what all are required to provide quality and reliable product/services. Another primary reason for starting this company was to give a stress-free and ever progressive atmosphere for anyone associated with Controlism IT Solutions even if they are clients or staff working for their
organization”, says Prashant Srivastava, Co-Founder, Controlism IT Solutions.

"Partner in your growth at every step. We not only believe in Quality Servicing approach, but, focussed more on consulting approach"

Countering the Challenges
Being a new company, gaining trust of others isn’t easy and there are considerable numbers of competitors who have been in this industry from several years. It takes more than just hard work to overcome these hurdles. In line with this, it is necessary for the world to know that there are many people on social media claiming to be freelancers and are always open to sell their services at a much lower price. Controlism’s business development team is working really hard and gain more and more clients and as customers seek products in low cost, it has come-up with readymade products for sale. “By selling readymade products we can provide our services not in the cheapest price; but on something that is not too heavy for clients and quality support is always free, no matter if you purchased our readymade product from our official website or we developed a whole new customized product for you on demand”, states Prashant.

The Road Covered
Prashant started this organization from his home and being from IT recruitment background, he started
with recruitment services and was supporting his clients on permanent and contractual hiring along with taking care of business development and operations by himself, and after few months took office when he assured a monthly income for survival. He asserts, “Being a new company it was not easy to gain trust of customers and explain why and how we are better than our competitors who are already in business from several years. But because of the hard-work or our staffs, we managed to get clients and so far we have served more than 80 customers till now in the developmental area of website and mobile application. The customer satisfaction I can say is the milestone we have covered.”

The Present & a Glimpse of the Future
It has been quite consistent and steady for Controlism with a 40 percent year-on-year growth since inception. It had started with only one employee and now controls much better and bigger workforce to cater to all the clients in multiple geo locations. Expressing the good will for his company and the future that lies ahead of it, Prashant concludes, “With the blueprint suggest diversification of services we are trying to reach out to more clients in 2019 not only in India, but, larger parts of U.S., Europe and APAC regions and with the kind of people we have in our bag, this is achievable”.