Consilium Instituteof Professional Psychology: Bettering the Quality of Life through Professional Psychology

Dr. George J Kaliaden,Senior Consultant & Director

Dr. George J Kaliaden

Senior Consultant & Director

It’s often said that raising a child is the toughest yet the most satisfying job there can be and it only becomes tougher as the child enters his/her teenage years. Parents often have to deal with issues such as defiance, aggression, demotivation, poor social skills, adjustment issues and inadequate interaction with peers. Guiding parents and children to overcome teenage issues through bespoke counselling is Consilium Institute of Professional Psychology. Having built expertise in rendering professional help, the firm ensures predictable, measurable and positive behavioural outcomes.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Consilium Institute is engaged in research, training and consulting in professional psychology and has successfully guided a large number of college students whose psychological problems had been leading them to near crisis situations. Additionally, the firm also addresses specific problem areas such as child behavior management, college youth in crisis, marital conflicts and expatriate families in crisis. Functioning with the objective of making a difference in the quality of life at an individual, corporate
or community level, Consilium Institute has successfully helped clients across Europe, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Middle East, African countries and South Asia.

"Consilium Institute bases its solutions on well-structured behavioural psychology backed by solid research in Learning Theory"

Principle Based Solutions
Dealing with children and their problem areas is not incident specific and often has to be an on-going effort at the parents’end. Unlike other organizations that render parenting advice based on traditional wisdom, Consilium Institute bases its solutions on well-structured behavioural psychology backed by solid research in Learning Theory. Through the firm’s programs and workshops, parents receive structured parenting steps that produce well-defined outcomes in terms of behavioural excesses and deficits.

Believing in empowering parents with the right knowledge and understanding, Consilium's workshops are opportunities for learning, as well as developing deeper insights into effective parenting process. “Parents come to us for solutions. But we help them learn the principles and techniques by which they become capable of solving not only the present problems, but all behaviour-related problems in the future,” explains Dr. George J Kaliaden, Senior Consultant & Director, Consilium Institute. The firm also focuses on repairing faulty communication processes between parents and children which complicate and intensify the
problem behaviour.

Working for a Healthier Future
The techniques and approaches adopted by the company have created various success stories which have ultimately convinced several referring doctors about the power of psychological intervention and in-depth psychotherapy. In a bid to spread the advantages of counselling far and wide, the global firm is currently recruiting and training associates and trainers who would conduct parenting workshops and teenagers’ training programs. These certified behaviour management experts would be available across various Indian cities. Not leaving rural India behind, Consilium Institute plans to conduct more training of trainees at the village level in order to help women learn better ways of behaviour management.

Having already published several books about pursuing psychology such as Moulding Your Child (1995; 2017), Positive Behaviour (2008), Padtippikkam Nallla Sheelangal (Malayalam, 2013), Apne Bachom ki Tarbiyat Kijiye (Urdu, 2009), and Tashkeel Al T’faal (Arabic, 1998), the firm is working on releasing more titles on parenting, behaviour management and marital therapy in the coming future.

Consilium Institute is tirelessly working towards building a healthier and more efficient young generation. “India’s population consists of a large percentage of children. More scientific, psychologically sound parenting methods will help our families and communities build a strong younger generation,” concludes Dr. George.