ComePost: Harmonizing the Ecology with Effective Waste Management Solutions at Competitive Prices

Ninad B Powar,Proprietor

Ninad B Powar


With over 377 million urban masses peopled in 7935 towns and cities generating 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste per annum, a gigantic pyramid of squandering is what our visual and olfactory senses have to endure recurrently in every nook and corner of the urban realm. India is moving steadfastly to etch the mark of a developed country by sketching a fast-paced urbanization and industrialization, a byproduct of which is a pitiable waste management capable of concocting detrimental effects. Pulling a reverse gear to this scenario is Mumbai-based ComePost, an efficient waste management company with unique and best-in-class services and products. Following a constructive client management policy with advanced technology, the company offers services at the most economical prices by manufacturing world-class waste management machines. It believes in harmonizing the ecology of things and encourages people to not ‘waste their waste’.

Treating Waste Professionally
Persuading people to process waste in the right manner through composting, ComePost renders
complete customization to its clients
through its unique solutions; pick-up services, OWC waste management machines for sale, and machines on rent. Unavailability of suitable space in the heavily inhabited urban premises coupled with lack of requisite skills are two of the major factors curtailing people from proper waste management. Rescuing them with finest solutions, ComePost proffers waste pick-up services for bulk generators (housing societies, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes, and the like), from all location across Mumbai. It rules out the need for waste segregation at the clients’ part to save their time and effort. Working 24x7, the company processes several tons of waste per day in its centralized plants, where the entire collected wastes are separated manually and treated.

The modus operandi of the company is carefully curated to provide a hassle-free experience to the clients, involving simple procedure starting with a phone call and fixing up of the meeting

Helping people make a difference towards the betterment of the environment, ComePost proffers the perfect way out to recycle the daily wastes including horticulture/garden, food, plastic, and paper, as it is constituted of dry and wet waste. The modus operandi of the company is carefully curated to provide a hassle-free experience to the clients, involving
simple procedure starting with a phone call and fixing up of the meeting followed by the expert suggestion and selection of the best fit solution. Clients then sign-up and avail the best management of their waste and compost. A worshipper of technology, ComePost uses three main techniques like a 24 hours converter (three machines weighing 2.5 tons each), which are specially customized to give a reduction of 90 percent in the wet waste converting the remaining 10 percent into compost. Further, the company is equipped with OWC machines wherein cultures of sawdust and wet waste are prepared in just 10-15 minutes, and sanitary pad machine incinerator.

Small Steps to Big Impacts
Dreaming of an immaculate and green environment, ComePost serves bigwigs of societies, schools, hospitality and healthcare sectors, comprising of eminent names like Jaslok Hospital, Pritam Hotel, Sindhi Society in Mumbai, Swami Vivekananda School, and so forth. Starting from November 2017, the company has succeeded in getting good responses from the clients and is generating about 100 percent more revenue than the past months. Backed up by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai that provide rented spaces to enable the company setup its plants, the company is on a lookout to spread its wings across various other localities in Mumbai. “We care for the future of our earth, thus, we encourage people to process their waste instead of dumping carelessly so that we can produce quality compost for the farms effectively at minimal rates,” concludes Ninad B Powar, Proprietor, ComePost.