Coach Manish Jain: Coaching SME Business Owners to build a Business (and Life !) they want

Manish Jain,FounderJust like we approach a specialist for a particular challenge (like, a dentist for dental issues, an architect for a house, a pilot for flying an aeroplane), a Business Coach is a specialist in getting business owners to understand their challenges and evolve a path towards growth. Select fastidious Business Coaches are working in diverse industries, empowering them to lead a life they want.

Coach Manish Jain is one such name who stands out by virtue of his extensive 32+ years of professional experience and coaching skills amidst this relatively unknown industry. This results driven Business Coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner has worked across countries and industries ­ in improving the key functional areas of a business. Coach Manish is determinedly helping SME business owners explore their potential in growing to un-precedented levels, using the 27+ years framework, deployed in 80+ countries of ActionCOACH (the world's #1 business coaching company), along with key NLP techniques (to instill a growth mindset).

"We define a successful business, as `a commercially profitable enterprise that works
without YOU'. The objective of my Coaching is to help business owners define their goals (which, surprisingly, many are not fully clear about) and take action to achieve them. They understand how to grow their revenues & profits massively, build an A-class team and find time for themselves from their `busyness' to work on their business and personal goals", explained Coach Manish.

Coaching Methodology
"I work with `ambitious' business owners, who have a hunger to learn and devote themselves to the effort required to build a successful business. A business is the `vehicle' to take a business owner to the lifestyle they aspire for, for which I deploy a framework called `6 Steps to Massive Results' to get them to their `destination' ", shared Coach Manish.

"I even incorporate a Psychometric Assessment which helps my clients to understand their key behavioural style and personality traits ­ absolute key components for improving relationships and communication, and dramatically improve the performance in Leadership roles, Sales, Recruitment, HR, Customer Service ­ all key functions", added Coach Manish.

Profile of business owners who can benefit
Being a business owner, if your answer to one or more questions below is NO, you could benefit from business coaching :
a) You work fewer hours than your employees? [Yes/No]
b) You hire the best talent, and they perform as well as you expected? [Yes/No]
c) Your customers buy on the value you provide, and not on price or discounts? [Yes/No]
d) Your business has a clear and written down goal for the next 1/3/5/10 years? [Yes/No]
e) Your business will be able to continue if you ever take a break for a few weeks? [Yes/No]
f) If your business could give you sufficient money AND free time, you are clear WHAT you would do with it? [Yes/No]

Coach Manish offers a variety of programs to suit the different stages of a business' growth (please refer: listing page), which would be key to reaching the potential that a business owner wants ­ for his/her business (and life!).

"Never wish your life was easier...wish that YOU were better. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job/business" ­ Jim Rohn